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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Woo Hoo ... a Fun Day!

After another snow storm yesterday is was bright and sunny this morning and a great day to be outside.  Unfortunately the routine here is that we go out and 10:00pm and come in at 10:00am., but today was different.  Jackie had to leave for a meeting @ 9:30 but we weren't ready to come in so she put Pip out with us and told Kevin to bring us in at 10:00.  Lucky for us Kevin decided not to bring us in because  it was such a nice day.  He figured since Pip was already out with us what's 3 more big boys? So he turned out Jethro (the boss man), Gopher (the big boy that went after Jack when he came to my defense last time we were out together) and Tintin (the one who thought he had to keep us away from his friends).  We weren't so sure...

Jack and me guarding Kat & Margee
There was the usual sniffing and discussions so Jack & I decided we were just going to run away from all the drama.  Well everyone else thought is was a great day for a run and we ran & ran and actually had tons of fun.  Since the other horses had blankets on they got a little hot so they headed down to the water jump for a drink of water and a good roll in the snow.  We never had been down by the water jump so that was exciting.  We had seen the boys playing in the water jump before but that's when it was much warmer and no snow or ice.

After all the drinks and rolling some of the horses decided to play in the water.  It looked like a lot of fun so we thought we would give it a try.  That's me on the left just getting into the water and Jack already in in the water (he is a curious guy, he even went on top of the bank jump later).  All was going well until Jethro came towards Jack making a nasty face and Jack decided to make a break for it.  Sometimes he doesn't think before he acts... he ran right into a spot that still had some soft ice on it and he got real nervous hearing the noise and feeling the breaking ice under his feet.  I heard Jackie saying something later about how she hoped it didn't make Jack afraid of the water because event horses have to be brave about the water jumps.  Hmmm, this eventing stuff sounds interesting.

Since was 1:00 and we hadn't had breakfast yet and Jackie thought we had enough excitement for the day; we got put in our stalls for lunch and a nap.  I hear that new fence materials were delivered today and when it warms up a little they're going to replace the old stuff so everyone can go out at the same time but in separate groups.   Something about being safer and hormones?%$#?

Looking forward to warmer weather so we can be out for longer and have more fun.


As usual, Jill has covered it all.  We had a lot of fun and it was the first time that we ran fast!  I heard that Kevin told Jackie that he liked the way I galloped better than Jill.  Don't tell her.

The deal with the ice was a little scary.  I won't do that again; I learned my lesson.

Hoping for warmer weather and more fun too.


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