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Our New Home
Our New Home

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Long Overdue Update ~ Heading South

I know it's been a long time since I have posted anything but when Kyle left last winter for Aiken and took Jack instead of me. Then he tells me, as he's leading Jack out of the barn, that it could of been me if I hadn't been so stupid and hurt myself. Well that really ticked off!  Then things got really busy around here and I just never got back to 'blogging'.

Just a quick recap.  I've been a good girl and haven't gotten into any more trouble so I got to compete a little last year and finished up the season by going Training level at teh KY Horse Park ... boy what a place!!  I even beating Jack until the show jumping when I didn't quite allow enough room for the bigger fences and knocked 2 down. Kyle was still really happy with me and told me not to worry that 'I'll figure it out'!

Anyway this year I got to go down to Aiken with Kyle and Jack and a big gray Irish fellow named O'Reilly.  It was a long drive and we got there after dark.  Imagine my surprise when I woke up the next morning and there was an event going on at the farm and the show jumping was right outside my door!!  The name of the farm is Full Gallop and that's what I felt like doing ... run around at a full gallop. Kyle could sense our excitement so he only tried to hand walk us and ride us after things quieted down.before riding us.

Jackie went with us for the trip down and Kyle decided that I would be the safest for her to ride.  So O'Reilly and I went out to be ridden and stretch our legs a little.  Well we had been in the trailer for 11 hours the day before and basically in our stalls all day so when my feet hit that nice sandy footing I was a bit 'happy' and expressed myself with a few squeals and doing the best to contain my enthusiasm.  I guess I didn't do a very job because Jackie got off and told Kyle he could ride me.  So when Kyle was done with O'Reilly he got on me and let me REALLY stretch my legs and he was OK with some of my 'happy' bucks!

Meanwhile Jack was watching all of this and he was pawing and screaming like a little baby the whole time.  Unlike me he didn't even try to contain his enthusiasm and he put on quite a display of bucking that would impress the best of rodeo riders!  Finally we got turned out and we ran and bucked and played to our hearts content and I got to officially meet O'Reilly.  I'm still not sure if I like him or not ...

So things were going pretty well for the first few days and then the ICE STORM hit!!!  What the heck, we came ALL the way down here for this??!!  It was so nasty we had to stay in our stalls for TWO days and then only hand walked a little before it finally got better.  Then, on our second night back out I felt the ground shake!  I turned to see what O'Reilly was doing ... he's kind of a but guy, but it wasn't him it was something called an EARTHQUAKE!!!  Geesh what is going on here???  I seriously wanted to go home!! But then the ice melted, the ground didn't shake anymore and things were getting better.  Besides that I hear that its' still cold and snowing at home and the farm pretty much looks like the picture in the home page of the blog so I guess I'll stick around here for awhile


I got to hack around the farm the other day and saw all the great cross country jumps; I can't wait to give some of those a try.  I heard rumor that I may be competing here soon; I can't wait.

That's it for now.


Jack here.  I guess Jill has pretty much filled you in on everything.  I had a lot of fun eventing last year and I'm really becoming pretty good at it if I must say so myself thanks to Kyle's help. I still get a little nervous and worried sometime,  and Jill I was not acting like a baby!!  Kyle has been really  happy with me except for the time on a hack this fall when he said left and I said right & Kyle hit a tree, but we don't talk about that. Other than that things have been good and he has told me that if I keep progressing I will be able to do the green numbers soon.  I'm not sure what that meant but he seemed pretty excited about it.

                                     Jack's 1st Training @ South Farm last summer
I got to do a  jumping school yesterday with some guy named Stephen Bradley.  I'm not sure who he is but he seems pretty important ...  so between jumping for the first time in awhile and wanting to impress Stephen; I strutted my 'stuff'.  Stephen even laughed that I didn't need to do my fancy trot for one particular exercise.  It was a lot of fun and Kyle seemed to be real happy with me ;)  I hope to do some cross country jumping soon!

That's it for now.


Monday, April 16, 2012

Spring is in the Air!!!

Wow, what a difference a year makes.  Not only was there very little snow this year spring made an early appearance this year.  And you know what happens to young girl horses when spring is in the air?  Our thoughts turn to boys!!  I don't know what came over me but I had this overwhelming desire to be in the boys pasture so when the electric wasn't on I blasted through the electric ribbon and joined them.  After the second time of doing this and making a mess out of the fence Jackie was more than a little bit upset and she moved us girls to the front pasture where we couldn't even see the boys.  I think she overreacted a little bit especially since I really didn't have any desire to go visit the boys anymore after a few days.

I didn't get a chance to be mad long because nice guy called Eric Dierks came to the farm along with a bunch of people and other horses and I got to do my first official jumping clinic!  It was a lot of fun but I got to tell you that it was harder than it looked.  The first time I went down a line of 5 jumps in a row I couldn't figure out what to do and I was wiggling all over the place and hitting fences but Kyle kept encouraging me to keep going and to 'figure it out'.  Well I have to tell you that was down right embarrassing and I certainly wasn't going to do that again!  The next time I figured out my footwork and timing and it was a piece of cake.

The second day we were suppose to do some cross country but we had a heavy rain in the morning so we stayed in the ring and did more fun exercises.  I was really getting the hang of things and having a lot of fun.  Eric made some comment about me almost being too brave.  That seems funny, how can being too brave be a problem?  Anyway, I had a lot of fun and learned a lot and I can't wait for Eric to come back in the summer.  If you want to read more about the clinic and see pictures and videos check out this link, whatever that means.

Tika & me napping. Ruby is the one standing
Here I am multitasking ...eating & resting at the same time!
Well a few weeks have gone by and the girl herd has grown.  There is a nice young filly named Ruby who is here to get started.  I hear she's getting  to hike all over the pasture with Kyle behind her with to long reins on either side.  I can remember when he did that with me.  Then Laura got a new horse called Tika.  I guess she has some fancy jumping pedigree. Pedigree shemdigree; that doesn't give her the right to run at us with her ears pinned back and turn around and kick at us!!!  Well Margee and I had to explain the rules to her if you know what I mean. Things are good now; I even share my favorite napping spot with her.

Well after a month of being in the 'isolation' pasture we were moved back to the big pasture.  It was nice to have more room to roam, but then I got that funny feeling again and my old friend Jethro and I started hanging out next to each other.  Darn that Jackie, she got the electric fence working again and that's all the closer we could get; hanging out with a fence in between us.  Then I heard them talking that they thought it was time to check me to see if I was ready to be bred.  Well I won't go into the details because it is rather personal but since Monroe went home a couple of weeks ago I got the 'man in the can' version of Monroe.  See it  has his name on it Blue Ridge Monroe in the blue can.  Kind of funny.  Anyway he's kind of cute and everyone thinks we make a good match.  Check out is video of him jumping.  Not bad for a little guy.

Here's Monroe with Laura all braided up.  He's kind of cute

Well enough about that.  I have some more exciting news.  I get to do my first Event (not sure why they call it that) next month at the Winona Horse Trials.  And the cool thing is that I don't even have to leave home to do it.  I remember watching some of that last year.  It looks kind of interesting and fun!

That's it for now.


Well as usual Jill pretty much has things covered except for the 'man in the can' part.  Sorry I don't understand what that's all about.  But she was right about the Eric Dierks clinic, it was a ton of fun.  Since I have done more jumping than Jill I got to do more stuff and we were lucky enough to go first thing Sun morning before the rain so we got to do some cross country AND I had a new rider on Sun.  Kyle asked Karen Chandell if she wanted to ride me.  She's a very nice person and rides nicely but it took a little bit for her and I to understand each other to get the canter with just the right amount of energy.  That's when Eric got on me and showed her what he wanted.  I knew what Eric wanted but to be honest I was a little tired from the day before and I was having a little trouble waking up.  But when I did wake up we did great together and I got a lot of 'good boys' from Karen (with Eric's urging) and I heard Eric say: 'I love this pony!! and he's the green machine!'  The tone of his voice sounded like it was a complement but I'm not a green pony; I'm a bay horse.  Check out the video and see what you think.


 I also get to do the event too!  It sounds like fun, but I'm not so sure about that dressage stuff.  I'm still not 100% relaxed with the bit in my mouth but I'm getting better.

Well I guess that's it for me too.


Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Anniversary to Us!!!

One year ago today Jack & I stepped off the trailer at Stone Gate Farm and what a year it has been!!!  My how things have changed in a years time. To begin with when we stepped off the trailer the entire farm was covered in snow and today felt like spring!  I heard that Jack got to do a gymnastic today, whatever that is and that tomorrow I get to do some jumping too because the weather is suppose to be nice again.   But it isn't about the weather it's about our home, our friends and all that we have learned this year.  

Stay tuned, I hear that there are bigger and better things planned for this year now that we're almost all grown up. We're looking forward to it.

Jack and Jill

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year from Jack & Jill

From what people have told us, today is New Years Day, a time for people to reflect on the year that has just ended and thoughts of what the new year may bring.  Well Jack & I have had an amazing year!!  A little scarey leaving the only home we ever knew and all our friends  and moving to a new home and making new friends.  It wasn't easy at first but now I hardly ever think about what we left behind. Not only do we have new horse friends but we have new human friends too which was a pretty much a new experience for us.  But Kyle and Jackie have been great and we have learned so much about  becoming 'sport' horses as opposed to being 'race' horses.  I'm not really sure what the difference is but I guess race horses don't go on a lot of trail rides, go to dressage shows,  jumper shows or  a jumping clinic like Jack and I did this year.  From what I hear race horses  get to run as fast as they can on a big oval track.  While I like to run, I do think that it would get a little boring doing the same thing all the time.  To be honest with you I didn't get to go to the jumper show and clinic that was Jack day and  I must say I'm a little envious.   But all in all, as I said earlier it has been an amazing year and I couldn't be happier to be living at Stone Gate Farm and I'm looking forward to what the New Year will bring.

I also heard that not only is it a holiday but it's our birthday!!  Well not really but since we're TBs (that's short for Thoroughbred) Jan 1 is considered the 'official' birthday for all TB's. Jackie said not to worry, we were still going to celebrate my 4th birthday on the correct day in April but that we were now considered 4 year olds.  Jackie jokingly said the party is over.  I'm not sure what she meant by that but so far so good so I'm not going to worry about it.

I'm not sure what the new year will bring since the humans seem to make all the 'big' decisions about us; I'll just have to trust them and so far I have no complaints other than Jack seems to be doing more fun stuff than me.  But I did hear that I will be jumping and going to shows after all next year because I no longer have a 'bun in the oven' and they were trying to decide when I would have a meeting with the 'man in the can' again.   Geesh, I wish these people would just talk English!!!  But if it means that I can start jumping and go to shows and clinics like Jack; I'm good with that.

Now as far a New Years Resolutions go ... I guess that's where you decide to do something that is good for you; I resolve to eat as much grass and hay as I can, never pass up the opportunity to take a good roll in the mud and to continue to make Kyle and Jackie happy ;)

I guess that's it for now.  I hope you all have a great new year and enjoy life as much as I do ;)


I agree with everything that Jill had to say, including me having more fun ;)


Monday, December 5, 2011

Jack's Review of the Eric Dierks Clinic

WOW, what a day I had on Sat!  Rugby, Wie and me were loaded up in the trailer and went to a place where I was ridden in my first clinic.  The whole day was a new experience for me.  It was my first time in an indoor arena. I really didn't think it was necessary because it was a nice day but I guess the ground was a bit frozen and icy out side.  Anyway it wasn't bad in there because I had my friends Wie & Rugby with me but there were two other horses in there that I didn't know.  Then I kept seeing horses moving along the wall and disappearing.  It was really weird.  I even tried calling to them a few times but nothing.  I was told that they were only reflections of the horses who were in the ring.  I still don't quite understand, something about mirrors.

Anyway Eric seemed like a nice guy and every now and again we would stand around and listen to him talk.  He was talking about riding the track, the balance, the rhythm with the correct amount of energy.  All I was thinking was how was I going to be able to do all that?  Then I heard him say that all of that was the riders job and that all I was responsible for was where I was putting my feet, the footwork.  Sounded easy enough, after all I have been to a horse show and didn't look at a single fence or knock one down. Well I found out that I've got a lot to learn and that just getting over the jump is just the beginning.  Now we have to learn to use the proper technique and using my body properly.  I'm not sure what all that means, but when I see Jackie bending over to pick up poles Kyle is going to have to remind her to bend her knees, lower her center of gravity (what the  heck is that?) and pick up the rail with he whole body and not just her arms and back.  How that is suppose to relate to me jumping correctly I don't quite know but the riders seemed to understand and I guess that's the important part, after all I'm only responsible for the footwork.

We started out trotting over four poles in a row and when I got to the first one I said whoa baby and stopped at the first pole because I didn't know how I was going to fit my feet in there.  Kyle encouraged me to go and I somehow got through the poles but not very smoothly.  We kept coming and Kyle was working on his job and then allowing me to figure out my job which as you recall was the footwork.  I actually figured it out faster that Wie (who has done this before) so I was pretty proud of myself.  Poor Rugby had never done anything like this before and it was pretty entertaining watching him figure it all out. Kevin did a nice job with him and Rugby relaxed and finished up the exercise really well.  After trotting the 4 rails on the ground Eric raised the 2 poles in the middle.  I didn't notice he had done that at first and hit one pretty hard and got off balance and out of rhythm.  Well I didn't like that very much so I was sure to check things out a little better the next time and didn't touch a thing and was able to keep my balance & rhythm better by using my body better.  Being in charge of the footwork was a little harder than I thought, but I'm figuring it out.

Next we trotted over a little gate in the middle of the ring, no big deal in fact it was a little boring, but I guess Eric wanted to see us jump a little fence before he started to challenge us a little bit.  So he raised the jump a little and again no problem, but apparently just getting over the jump isn't good enough. Now we all stopped and we listened to Eric described how all of this is like a dance and that we were going to learn the dance steps.  Again I wasn't quite sure what he was talking about but Kyle did and I guess that's what counts. 

Eric placed a pole before the jump that we had to trot over and I had to figure out how to fit my feet in there properly and jump over the gate.  The exercise was to again help us figure out the footwork  and after Kyle got me on the right track with the right balance, rhythm and energy he was instructed to let me figure it out with enough encouragement from his leg.  I'm really lucky to have Kyle riding me because he's really good at his job and that makes it a lot easier for me.  Some of the riders got a little out of balance and didn't maintain the track and their horses had a little difficulty with the exercise.

Again Rugby was a bit entertaining because he has such long legs he didn't think he needed to jump at all, he was just trotting over the jump.  He's like me though, after he hit it he didn't want to do that again so then he figured out what to do to get his feet out of the way.  Wie was pretty good but he wanted to get a little crooked to make more room between the rail and the jump so he didn't have to work so hard.  He got a little grumpy when Jackie told him he had to remain straight and work a litter harder.  But then he figured it out and made a good effort and looked really good and Jackie gave him lots of pats.  It was really nice to get fussed all over and told what 'good boys' we were when we did it right.  I kept hearing Eric telling riders to love 'em up.  I think I like this Eric guy.

After we figured out the pole we did a pole to an X to another pole.  Yikes now I had to figure out where my feet go immediately after I jump.  After a couple awkward attempts I got a lot of 'lovin' and got to take a break and watch the others.  After everyone had their turn, the poles were on the landing side were made into an X and I didn't realize the change had been made even though Kyle was trying to tell me by putting more leg on.  I got to say I did some unusual footwork.  Front feet over the jump, then back feet, bounce stride, then front feet, back feet over the second X.  Wow that was hard work,  I have to figure out a way to make that a little easier.  So with Kyle's encouragement I jumped the pole on the ground took a bounce stride to the X which I jumped then took a strong bounce stride and jumped the second X.  Everyone started to laugh and Eric made some statement about my dancing that I didn't really understand.  I didn't take offense to the laughing as everyone was saying what a good boy I was and I got lots of lovin'.  The next couple of times I smoothed things out a little bit and I was having so much fun I continued the bouncing and jumping even though there were no more jumps ;)  I was having fun and really proud of myself.

I had a pretty good break after that time because one of the horses was having a little trouble figuring it out.  That's when I realized that although we had plenty of breaks I had NEVER had a rider on my back for this long before in my life...whew!  So when it was my turn to go again and Eric had added a third fence one stride away from the second one I wasn't 100% mentally and physically there. I got in there and my legs were going every which direction.  I still managed to get through it in the right striding but even I knew it wasn't right.  That's when Eric and Kyle realized that I was probably getting a little tired but we needed to finish on a good note and I agreed.  So I came through it again, focused on my job and if I must say so myself jumped through the exercise brilliantly!!  Kyle immediately hopped off me loosened my girth and made a big fuss!!

I got to watch Rugby and Wie and because they're older than me they got to finish with a jump called an oxer. That's a jump that is wider than a regular jump; I've done those before and could have done that too but maybe next time when I'm not so tired.  Anyway not only did Rugby have his footwork down, for the first time all day, he really jumped and Kevin and Eric were happy and he got to quit and and get fussed all over too.  Wie was next and he really was making a good effort.  On one fence he jumped so hard he let out a grunt.  It was kind of funny.  Anyway he got lots of lovin' too.

The three of us learned a lot and had a lot of fun and can't wait to practice what we learned so when Eric comes back we can show him how we can dance like Michael Jackson (whoever that is).  While we were back at the trailer getting ready to go home I heard Jackie talking about how good all were but she kept saying that I was the STAR of the group.  I like how that sounds!


Wow, sounds like Jack and the boys had a really good time.  I'm jealous.  I was suppose to go to a another dressage show but there were so many entries we didn't get to go.  Oh well, I have been enjoying my mud bathes lately.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Jack & Jill's Competition Debut

A couple of weeks ago I started getting my mane trimmed, my tail brushed out on a regular basis and in general getting some extra grooming.  Something about looking presentable for a show.  That's when I heard that Pip, me and the new guy Wie were going to a dressage show.  I wasn't sure what that was really all about; all I know is that Kyle was riding me more in the ring rather than on the trails leading up to the show.

So the big day came and Kyle got me ready to go by putting these big poofy things on my legs.  I don't know why, it wasn't a cold day or anything like that.  Then I hear that they were to protect my legs, not keep them warm.  The felt funny when I started to walk so I hiked my legs up pretty high and Kyle and Jackie started laughing. I said they felt funny not so funny!  Anyway Pip went on the trailer first then me and then Wie.  I really haven't officially met Wie yet as he lives in another pasture so it was nice to go for a ride with him.  The ride wasn't so bad and I didn't need those big poofy things on my legs that I heard are called shipping boots.

After we got to the show at Chagrin Valley Farms, Wie and I were taken off the trailer, got our boots taken off and off we went to check out the 'scarey' indoor arena with the big glass wall at one end.  It really wasn't so scarey just something to look at and figure out.  I got to tell you, I've never seen anything quite like that before!  Next Jackie got Wie ready to ride and Kyle spent some time grooming me and I was told what a good girl I was to stand tied to the trailer.  I don't know what was such a big deal;  I had a big net thing in front of me with lots of hay in it so why wouldn't I just stand there?

From what I understand Wie was a little bit of a cry baby in his first test and jumped out of the ring but he was really good in the second test and Jackie seemed really happy with him.  I'm not sure why they are called tests or dressage for that matter; all I did is walk and trot around and do some circles and going across the ring and then I was done.  Kyle and Jackie were making such a fuss over me saying what a good girl I was and how pleased they were with my behavior.  I don't know when they're going to get it; that's just the way I am...no big deal.  I did overhear Kyle saying how much he liked me and my  attitude and that it would take a whole lot of money for him to ever consider selling me.He thinks I'm a going to be 'good one' and that he thinks I could be as good as Gus.  Well I already think I'm a good one and I don't know who Gus was, but from what I can tell he was a very special horse!  I think I like being compared to Gus.

After I was done, Wie and I hung out in the trailer while Pip did his tests.  I heard that he was a very good boy and everyone was happy how the day went.  Check out the video and tell me why this was such a big deal.  I hear we may be going to another dressage show and I might be able to do a test where I can do a little cantering.  Well I say it's about time!  And why does Jack get to go to a jumper show and I have to go to a dressage show?  Something about me being 'in foal'...


One more thing... if you hear something about a movie called "Jack and Jill".. don't get excited ; it's not about us but maybe someday ;)


Well just like Jill; I was getting my mane trimmed and my tail brushed and Kyle even used the giant sucking snake, I think they call it a vacuum cleaner, on me to get all the dirt off.   I must say I'm impressed at how much braver I have gotten; I can remember when Jackie tried to use that thing on me last spring and it about freaked me out!  I have to agree with Jill; those shipping boots do  feel funny and make you do weird stuff with your legs but in a couple of minutes I got use to them and it was no big deal It was just Wie and  me off to a jumper show at South Farm.  It sounded like fun and it was a nice day so the show was held outside instead of inside.  That seemed to make Jackie & Kyle happy but I have no idea why. I'm sure I'll find out all in good time; I always seem to eventually figure things out. 

When we got there Jackie had to go enter us and get numbers and that took a little while.  While we were waiting Wie started banging around in the trailer and generally being  being a bit of a jerk.  By the time Jackie got back Kyle had just about had enough of it and Jackie seemed more than a  little annoyed because apparently he had been very good at Chagrin a couple of weeks ago and in her words "there was no reason for his bad behavior".  Oh boy, glad it was him and not me.  Then I heard them calling him a 'dumb blood' and telling him that the 3 year old, that would be me, was behaving better than the 4 year old, that would be Wie.  I guess that was a compliment for me, but what do they mean about being a 'dumb blood'?

Anyway we both got ready and went past a nice big barn but there were a few kids playing on this thing where they were bouncing up and down and making a lot of noise.  I think they call it a trampoline or something like that. Anyway it did make both of us a little nervous.   When we got to the ring Kyle took me over by other horses and I just stood around watching other horses jump.  Meanwhile Jackie was riding Wie in the warm up area and he kept calling to me.  It was a bit annoying and more than a little distracting.  Thankfully when I went to the warm up ring he began to quiet down.  When it was time for Wie to go in the ring I must say I was impressed; he went in there and was all business... he never looked at a thing, jumped all the jumps and kept his mouth shut too!  So when it was my turn and I did my best to be every bit as good as him which, if I must say so myself, I was.  Then we got to do it again but this time the fences were in a different order. It was a lot of fun but next time I would like to jump a bigger  and  less boring fences.  Don't get me wrong; they were all nicely painted but no barrels or spools like we jump at home.  Then I heard Jackie say  that 'boring' is good for the first show.

Everyone was making a big fuss over Wie and me and saying what good 'babies' we were.  I liked the compliments but I really don't like being called a baby. If they didn't tell them I was a three year old they never would have guessed.  Anyway  I'm looking forward to the next show. It sounds like I had more fun than Jill ;)

No videos for me, but here is a picture of me.  Not too bad if I must say so myself.



Saturday, October 29, 2011

Latest Update from Jack & Jill

I think things are finally quieting down around here.  There was a lot of activity for a couple of weeks with the the event,hunter pace, and a jumper show and cross country pace competition.  Jack and I were suppose to compete in the hunter pace but Kyle wasn't feeling well and everyone else was too busy so we didn't get to do it. It really didn't matter because we got to go on the course on a different day.  It was a nice ride.

One day Jackie was riding me and she got all excited because I started going like a 'good little dressage horse'.  I don't know what she was all excited about; she should know by now that if you ask me to do something and if I understand what you're asking; I'll do it!  Anyway I hear that I'm going to a dressage show next weekend. I haven't a clue what to expect but I look forward to another new experience.  All I know is that since they decided that I'm going to the show Kyle has been riding me more and I have been in the ring more than going out in the trails.  Not so sure I like that.

That's it for me for now; I'll let you know how the show went.


Jill wasn't kidding when she said that things were really busy around here.  Jackie and Kyle were so busy I didn't get ridden a few weeks.  Actually I really needed the break.  All this training stuff was stressing be out and I started to grind my teeth to let them know. I wish I was more like Jill; she seems to take everything in stride.  Anyway they seemed to understand that I was worried about the bit because when Kyle started riding me again he put a bridle on me without a bit; it's called a hackamore or something like that.  I don't care what it's called; I'm just a lot more relaxed going without a bit.

We have been doing a lot of trail rides and doing more jumping on the trails.  One day Kyle pointed me at a big jump called a 'hogs back'.  A funny name for a fence and it doesn't look anything like the back of a hog.  Well I actually have never seen a hog, but I do't think it looks like this pie of logs.  Anyway I said 'whoa baby are you're sure?"  Jackie yelled at Kyle that I wasn't ready for a fence that big yet and Kyle said 'yes he is'.  So Jackie decided that Pip should go first to show me how its done.  Well I didn't want to disappoint Kyle and I wanted to show Jackie that I could do it ...so I jumped it way higher than I needed to.  Both Kyle and Jackie were all excited.  That makes me happy.  Since then I have jumped the show jumping course  and most of the Starter cross country jumps  I like jumping and I think I'm ready to try bigger jumps.

We have a new horse in the barn with a strange name; Wie. Not only does he have a strange name he is a different breed, a Hanoverian.  I don't know, he looks like the rest of the TB's on the farm.   Despite his name and breed he's a nice guy about my size and age.  I really like hanging out with him.

Wie and Me - hey that rhymes

While Jill is going to a dressage show I'm going to a jumping clinic!  All three of of us young guys: Wie, Rugby and me will be making a road trip the first weekend in Dec.  Here's hoping the weather is good, although I here we will be in a indoor ring.  I've never been in one before, but I hear that they keep out the with and the rain. I hope there isn't any snow like we're getting today.  I'm not quite ready for snow yet.

Well I be sure to give you an update after the jumping clinic in Dec.