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Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Waiting for an 'Uneventful' Day

Gas Explosion about 8 miles away
OMG, last night around 10:15 PM we heard a loud rumbling sound that continued for close to an hour and the sky lit up.  We couldn't see what was happening because we were in the barn but we heard the sky was on fire.  They say it was a gas line explosion!!  Thankfully no one was hurt and by the time we went out things were pretty much back to normal.
A beautiful sunrise this morning but no where as spectacular as last night
Lucky for us the rest of the night was quiet and Jack didn't poke his nose where it didn't belong.  (you can almost see the bent up gate in the lower right hand side of the picture)  Margee was put out with us this morning and it went pretty well after a little bit of a rocky start. After a couple of hours out with Margee it was almost time to come in but then Kevin came out (we don't see him much because he's at school a lot) and decided that we needed more company.  He put Kat out with us and that was no big deal because we were out with her yesterday but then he put Pip out too.  Pip was very polite but I wasn't taking any chances and I warned him not to bother me.  But then Kevin put Tintin out.  Well he wasn't mush better than he was last time but now he had 3 horses he was trying to herd around.  Margee put him in his place and then Kevin put him back in the barn and then Jack & I got put back in for our breakfast.  Silly boy, he put us in the wrong stalls.  Anyway, there is only Jethro and Gopher to get turned out with.  I'm not so sure about Jethro because he's the boss, but I think Gopher will be OK.

Jack had to have a leading lesson today because when Jackie tried to move him back to his stall he only went so far before he planted all 4 feet like a mule.  It took many times of going up and down the aisle before he would do it without stopping.  Funny, he never stopped when coming towards me and stopped when he had to go away from me.  If I must say so myself; I was very polite when I got moved to my new stall which is now 3 stalls away from Jack.  I keep hearing them talking about not wanting us to get too attached to each other.  I wouldn't call it attached, but Jack does get worried when he can't see me.

I'm still waiting an entire day without excitement.


Checking out Margee the smart way, in front not behind. Jill is hiding behind Jack
Jack Checking out Margee & Jill playing it safe

WOW, that was some weird sound last night!!  Glad we were in our stalls and didn't see the fireball in the sky.

It was nice meeting the other horses up close and personal. What Jill called a rocky start was due to Jill going after Margee with both barrels and then was surprised when Margee gave it right back at her. Then after her big show she hid behind me until she was sure it was safe.  She didn't learn her lesson because she squealed and kick when Pip sniffed her butt.  He didn't deserve that he's a nice guy.  Lucky for her, he just walked away.

And just for your information I am not a mule.  I just didn't want to go down the aisle and be so far away from Jill; I worry about her. I didn't know what else to do and I thought Jackie would understand.  I guess she did understand but she told me I need to learn to go where I was asked and when I was asked.  She told me that it was against the rules to refuse to move and for an event horse that was a very important lesson to learn.  So many rules to learn but I'm learning, I'm learning ...  at least when I learn something or even just try a little I get a lot a pats and 'good boys'.    I'm getting it.  BTW, no big deal for Jill to go politely to her stall; it was right across the aisle!

Jackie forgot to do my feet today, I better be good tomorrow or I'll end up doing my feet as long as I ended walking up and down the aisle today ;(

Keep your fingers crossed that it goes ok with Jethro and Gopher tomorrow.



  1. LOVING this blog & the photos! Nice job Jackie.

  2. Explosion at 10:30 pm and Jack wonders why you forgot his feet the next day? I would have been so tired I would have forgotten my name! While I know Jack and Jill are waiting for an uneventful day I am enjoying reading about the eventful days.

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. So far today has been uneventful but good things to report. Stay tuned...