Our New Home

Our New Home
Our New Home

Friday, February 4, 2011

The "Big Day"

Well the "Big Day" has finally arrived, we're moving to our new home.  It's been a crazy week with all these people coming and looking at us, taking our friends away in all different kinds of trailers, we even took a short trailer ride to the main farm.  Now its just Jack and me and it feels kinda of strange.  They put us in stalls this morning which also felt strange since we always lived outside with a big turnout shed, but Bob said we had to be in stalls because we need to get ready to go to our new home.

It was a beautiful sunny day much like the day we met Jackie and Kyle, maybe that's a good sign for things to come.  Anyway, Jackie went into the office to talk to Bob while the guys got us ready to load on the trailer.  I was a little nervous, but the trailer looked like a big stall on wheels because it was bedded so thickly with straw and had lots of hay in it.  I bravely went right in but I had to turn around to see in Jack was coming, he was right behind me.  It made me a little more relaxed to be in there with Jack.  The guys went in the office to tell Bob & Jackie we were loaded & ready to go.  Just then Jack turned around and made some noise so they said their goodbyes and we were on our way.

The beginning of the trip went pretty slow as we went up and down hills and around tight turns.  Jack and I both put our butts up against the wall and worked hard to stay balanced.  We did really good although it was a much longer ride than I was counting on.  We finally hit a better road where there weren't so many turns or hills and Jack and I were able to relax a little.  Jack & I really weren't friends before, but spending a little more than 2 hours together in a trailer, well lets just say we got to know each other a lot better ;)

We finally got to Stone Gate Farm and there were 3 people looking in at us when the trailer door was opened.  Jackie and this tall guy with big yellow boots got in the trailer with us and put lead ropes on our halters.  I was the first one off the trailer; I took a look at the step down and very carefully stepped down.  They seemed to think that was a big deal, they were saying how brave and smart I was.  Well Jack had to be a copy cat and do the exact thing.  Then he passed me as we were led to the barn.  It was a little annoying and I kept trying to get my spot back (I guess I would have made a good race horse) up front and the guy with the big yellow boots kept telling me to take it easy and not to walk on him.  Who does he think he is anyway?  The owner of the place?  I found out he is...oops... along with his wife Jackie and his name is Dave.  I felt kind of bad but then I found out it was Dave who named me Jill!!  Suddenly I didn't feel so bad, besides that there was a lot more to think about, like going down the aisle and having every horse stick his or her nose out to check me out!!  I think I counted 6 horses.

 It seems that with the addition of Jack and me, they now have 8 horses and seven stalls!!  I think, "big deal we don't need stalls".  Well they must have heard me or something because after putting Jack and me in a stall together that was twice as big as the stall on wheels they decided to turn us out.  They showed us where the round bale was but there was so much to see and do; we weren't hungry yet.  We started to explore and when we got to the corner of a big field we decided to take a little trot.  All of a sudden we hit a big snow drift and nearly wiped out!  A little scary, so we just walked around for a while & when we trotted again it was really difficult because we had to break through a crunchy layer before getting to the snow.  Dave, Kyle & Jackie followed us out; don't ask me why but it seems Jackie was trying to take pictures.  We weren't weren't in the mood to pose for pics but she took them anyway.  They decided to put the lead ropes back on us and take us back to the round bale and by now we were ready to eat.  They hung around with us for awhile and I heard Dave saying that he thought I looked like the one with the most potential.  I guess I might consider forgiving him for naming me Jill but that doesn't mean I have to like it. 
Finally the people left us alone for a couple of hours to eat to our hearts content; I think I like it here.  A couple of hours later they brought a woman out to check us out, not sure why but it was another person to rub my face so I didn't mind.  They kept saying how quiet we were and how sociable we are.  I don't know what they were expecting,  that's just the way we are what's the big deal?

I guess the other horses wanted back out and there was concern about someone getting hurt with the slippery ground so we had to come back in while the other horses went back out.  I really wanted to go back out with them, but maybe it would be better to get to know them a little better first.  I already met Jethro (he was in the stall next to us) and he told me that he was boss and that I better listen to him if I wanted to stay out of trouble.  Then he made some comment about being cute.  I think Jack & I better stick together.

They were going to put Jack and me back out for the night, they even bedded back a big turn out stall for us, but they decided that it would be better for us to stay in for the first night.  They're going to put me back in the big stall with Jack.  At least it's a big stall and there is plenty of room for us to take a nap at the same time if we decide too.

Well it's been a long day, I'm going to sign off.  I hear they have big plans for a beauty treatment tomorrow.  I don't know what they're talking about; I'm already beautiful!  But I did hear something about dreadlocks & burrs. I would like to go on record that I do not have any burrs, now Jack, well that's an entirely different story.  Speaking of Jack, he would like to say a word.


I like it here.  I hang my head out over the dutch door and they scratch my face; I like that. They feed me a lot of hay; I like that too. They gave me a little bit of grain; I like that even better. There are two cute chestnut mares here that are shorter than me; I like that best of all (I think).

Sorry about the burrs but they have been in there for a long time.



  1. I LOVE Jack's comments, he has a great sense of humor

  2. Typical of them men around here. They keep it short and to the point ;)

  3. boys do love food! and girls, well, mares...

  4. This blog is great! I also had a French Legionaire horse who I raced retired and showed as a wonderful dressage horse. Have fun with your guys!

  5. jackie, i was one of the facebook people who passed along the message and thankfully found eventing nation's comment which is how i found you! i am so thankful and so relieved that those poor horses did not go on the long journey to canada or mexico to be abused and killed. i have blogged for some time now and would love for you to hop over for a visit. i event in area 8 but never made trip to attend stone gate farm's event. cleveland area is a long haul for me. but this is wonderful to have found you and to read about two of the wonderful horses. thank you so much for writing about them. if your farm is on facebook, i will 'like' it...take care and i look forward to being your newest follower!

  6. Kritter Keeper, great blog, wish you could teach me a few things. This is my first blog and I'm fumbling around trying to figure out how things work. I did however figure out how to put links to our FB page & our website, they are in the right hand column just above the pic of the horses.

    Check out the directions tab on our website, it has a link to a Google map. We may not be as far as you think, we're about 75 miles SE of Cleveland.

  7. How Fun! I am enjoying reading this blog, saw the FB plea for someone to save the horses, then saw on Eventing Nation that they had found homes and that two (Jack and Jill) were blogging! I don't event, but do ride dressage. I also paint horse and dog portraits and blog as I go through the different stages of my paintings!
    I am going to share this one on FB!

  8. I have Jack's full sister - Legion of Dreams... sooo funny reading this blog and remembering the paint on my girl and those awful burrs!!! They were practically implanted in her forelock. This blog has made me smile!