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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jack & Jill Make Their Debut @ the FEH

Well things have been really busy around here lately will everyone trying to get things ready for the horse trials.  I’m not sure what all that is but everyone was busy moving jumps into our pasture, putting flags and numbers on the jumps, mowing and a lot of primping up.  The primping included me so I looked nice for the Future Event Horse class.  I got my first bath, got my mane trimmed and whiskers clipped.  Any both Kyle and Jackie were saying how they couldn’t believe how much I have grown!!

So the big day came and it started to storm so we were told to wait for a while.  Kyle brought me down to the ring where there were a bunch of other horses.  I was really interested to see all the other young horses who came for the show.  One was a yearling filly who has the same dad as me.  She was very cute and very well behaved. Then it started to thunder and lightening again and we all took cover in the stabling barn.  I would have preferred to stay out in the rain but I had to stay in the stall.

The thunder and lightning subsided so we went back out.  There were a few ‘real’ boys there if you know what I mean and they made things a little exciting.   I just took it all in and was told I was a very good girl.  Finally it was my turn to stand in front of the judge (in the rain) and walk the small triangle and trot the big triangle.  I’m not sure what that has to do with becoming an event horse but at least it rained enough to have BIG puddles to show how bravely we could trot through the water.

I hear that I scored very well and that I tied with a big Holsteiner filly for first place!  The other horse won the tie, but that really doesn’t matter to me.  I was just enjoying meeting all the other horses.  If you want to see pictures of Jack and me you'll have to look for Key to the Stars (that's me) and Colinwood Super (that's Jack).  I was given a new show name which has both my mom's and dad's names:  Colony Key & Ask for the Stars.  I like that better than Ohio Rocket, a little more fitting of a classy lady such as myself.

After our classes were over it rained and rained even more and from what I hear everyone was bummed because they weren’t able to do the cross country.  If you want to hear more about the Winona Horse Trials and see some of the pictures go to the SGF Blog. All I know is that everyone seems to have more time now and Kyle is going to start riding me again if it ever stops RAINING!!

Well Jill pretty much covered it all except I got to stay up in my stall during all the storms.  By the time it was my turn it was just raining.  I have to admit I’m not quite as open to new things as Jill is.  All the activity and strange horses on the farm made me a little nervous.  I did settle down by the time I had to be presented to the judge.  I behaved pretty well but as I was trotting back towards the tent I wanted to slow down, but other than that I was a good boy. 

Jill doesn’t know this so don’t tell her but she scored two points better than me…  something about me toeing out a little on the right front.  Picky, picky, picky.

I’m glad that all this horse trials stuff is over so Jackie and I can spend more time together.  Don’t tell her, but I have been feeling rather neglected lately ;(  She’s out of town judging at an event in Wisconsin (wherever that is) but she promised to start spending more time with me when she gets home; I can’t wait.

That’s it for now.