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Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Exciting Morning

     Every time I think it will be just another ordinary day that doesn't need to be reported, something  happens.   All I've got to say is Dave or someone should have come to check to see if we were ok this morning when the dogs were barking because things were NOT ok.  That silly Jack and his curious streak got him in trouble again today and it could have been a disaster.  He was checking out a round pen panel that was leaning up against the barn and half buried in snow when he got his halter stuck on something.  He pulled back and yanked the panel out of the snow and dragged it about 10'.  The banging, bending and twisting metal was really scary.  Jack finally broke loose (no thanks to the breakaway strap on the halter) and thankfully he didn't get hurt.
     When Jackie looked out the window and saw the twisted and bent gate she dressed as quickly as she could to see if we were OK.  By that time we were all back to normal & we couldn't believe the fuss Jackie was making over us. I'm kind of glad that Jack's halter was half off so she knew that is was Jack and not me we that made the mess. He did seem to get extra attention, doesn't seem fair ...
     Margee was suppose to get turned out with us this morning but after all the excitement Jackie decided to put Kat out with us again and after a little sniffing noses, Kat got busy eating hay It seems she decided it was a nice sunny morning and she was going to go for a walk.  Is she nuts? It's 4 below zero and our whiskers have frost on them.  Oh no, she's heading down the hill staight towards where we went through the ribbon fence and broke it.  Hey, it was kinda of dark and it wasn't there the last two days anyone could have made the same mistake.  We were too late and we were busted.  Lucky for us, she was just happy that no one had gotten into any more trouble.  In fact she invited us to go for a walk around the pasture with her.
      Wow the pasture is a lot bigger than we thought.  We went along the edge of the woods and every once in a while we would trot ahead and then stop to have a look around.  Jack started to wander off to check something out and Jackie said: 'Jack come on now, haven't you gotten into enough trouble today'?  He quit what he was doing and caught up.  When we got to the top of the hill we saw the barn & decided to take a little canter up the hill and back to Kat and the round bale.
     The rest of the day was pretty uneventful; after we were put in our stalls for the day Kyle brought Margee back in and put her in the stall between us so we could visit before getting turned out together tomorrow.  Hope it goes well and that Jack doesn't get into any trouble.

     I have to say the incident scared the #&*(@% out of me.  But the tour of the pasture was really nice.  I hope maybe we will see a little grass soon.



  1. Just discovered your blog today. PLEASE keep the updates coming. It's like reading a great book.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying it. As long as the horses keep giving me material and as long as people are reading it I'll keep blogging. At least as long as the weather isn't conducive to doing much else.