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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jack and Jill Need Show Names

     Jill said that I could write the blog today because things were pretty quiet around here (easy for her to say, she didn't have bales of hay falling from the ceiling right next to her stall)  and she refuses to discuss the topic of another name.
     I must agree that it was a pretty quiet day, as in no dogs waking us up early in the morning.  It was nice to sleep in a little and then do a little sun bathing.  Good thing the sun was out because it was pretty cold today.  Then we came in like we usually do and both of use get put in the big stall while the others go out, wait for Jackie to clean a stall, move Jill to the clean stall and then we get our breakfast.  Well today Jackie was taking longer than usual because she was putting more bedding in the stall & I started getting impatient and tried to tell her to move it along, I'm a growing boy and I need my food.  Well that wasn't such a good idea because she got mad at me for banging at the door.  Well she still didn't get the message and I banged again and this time Jill chased me into the corner of the stall.  I sure hope Jackie is smart enough to figure out to feed first, clean stalls second.
     After breakfast and the hay bales falling from the ceiling (I guess they are stored upstairs in the hay loft and they drop them down through a hole called a trapdoor)  we got groomed and we practiced picking up our feet.  Today Kyle held me while Jackie picked up my feet and after a little fussing I held my foot up for a long time, at least 10 seconds! We need to keep practicing because it is suppose to warm up next week and Walt may be coming soon to trim our feet.
     Now on to what Jill doesn't want to talk about: another name change or something like that.  It's not really a name change; we'll still be Jack & Jill every day but when we show we need a fancier name, don't ask   me why. Sine we're going to be in the Future Event Horse class in May, we have to have our names registered with the United States Eventing Association.  Here we go with that 'eventing' again.  From what I can figure out event horses have to do dressage, cross country and show jumping.  Everyone gets excited when they talk about the cross country and it sounds like fun to me,  galloping,jumping and running through water. The show jumping sounds like it could be fun too.  They say that Jill's name Ohio Rocket would be appropriate for cross country and show jumping but you don't want to ride a rocket in dressage.  I guess it's not a good thing to take off like a rocket in dressage? *#?  My name is Collinwood Super I think they like the Collinwood part of my name but not the Super part.  I don't get it, they keep telling me that I'm super. I'm confused...
     Anyway, we're looking for some ideas for our show names.  Jill and I have the same father: Colony Key and Jill's mom's name is Ask for the Stars.  I heard someone thought Key to the Stars sounded pretty good.  My mom's name is Super Legionaire.  Anyway, send in your suggestions and I guess we'll have a vote.

Jack (glad it isn't Collin or Woody)

I finally get use to the name Jill and now they want to give me another name.  All I have to say on the topic is that I better get a vote!



  1. Yay eventing!
    Super Key, Legionkey if you want to go with parent name combos for Jack.
    Star Shooter, Starbound, Rocketstar for Jill parent combo names.
    Otherwise I've always liked taking names from literature! I know horses don't read books but some names and terms are really cool! Like, Arugula is a syn. for rocket. You could do Arugula Star for Jill or Tip Tip Legion for Jack (tip top syn. for super=superlegionaire)
    See where I'm going?

  2. I am on the keep the jc names side