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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Official ...

Well it's official; winter isn't over yet!!  After a few beautiful days of warm sunny weather we got hammered with a wicked snow storm yesterday.  The boys got brought in early and they had icicles all over them.  We went out for a couple of hours and when Kyle came out to do chores we all piled back in.  The plan was to leave Jack & me out so we could share the turn out stall without worrying about getting kicked out by the mares but we decided we would rather come in.  It's been awhile since Jack and I shared a stall; we took advantage of it and did some good mutual grooming.

Luckily the snow finally stopped and it was bright and sunny this morning so we got to go out for a few hours before having to come in again so the boys could go back out.  The guy in the big yellow boots (Dave) visited with me for awhile today & Kyle must have told him about my sweet spot, because he found it right away and I REALLY enjoyed the scratching.  I think I'm beginning to like this guy with the big yellow boots ;)

Now to the real official news of the day.  Jackie received  a letter today from Harmony Hill Farm (that's where we lived before coming to SGF)  asking her to fill out the 'adoption' and transfer of ownership form.  She had to promise not to sell us at auction or slaughter.  What the heck are they talking about?#$%@?  Jackie would never do that to us!  Anyway, she also had to promise to take care of us and give us lots of treats.  Actually I made up that last part; I thought it was worth a try ;)  So ... in a couple of weeks the Jockey Club papers should arrive and we will officially be members of the Smith family!!  I wish someone would explain why some papers the from a club for jockeys is such a big deal.  Actually we already feel like we're part of the family and we don't need any papers to prove it but it does feel good to be official!

Well that's it for the now, can't wait until spring officially gets here.


I totally agree with JillThat's a first ;)


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  1. We're expecting snow here in Northern California at 1600 ft elevation this weekend! We had a month and a half of perfect sunny weather but yes, its true, winter is officially NOT over! Getting out the heavy blankets...