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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting Into a Routine

That Dave guy is a little funny, not ha ha funny but a little odd funny.  He made some comment about us not being as hairy as he thought we should be and wondering if we would be ok out all night without a blanket on.  I don't know what he was expecting; we're horses not yaks!!  And we're horses that are accustomed to being out all the time as long as we have some place to get inside if we want to so we'll be just fine thank you very much.  The other horses were brought in around 9:00pm and we were put out.  We ate some hay for awhile and the retired to the turn out stall to get some rest.  After we were out there for awhile, it must have been after midnight, one of the dogs started barking so we went a check it out.  The next thing we knew Kyle was out there checking on us to make sure we were ok. Apparently Dave thought that we may have gotten into trouble and that's why the dog was barking so he sent Kyle out to check on us.  The rest of the night was pretty quiet until early morning the barking of ALL three dog woke us up. This time we stayed in the turnout stall and tried to get back to sleep, but n-o-o-o-o-o, Dave had to come out and check to make sure we're ok.  So as long as we were awake we went for a drink of water and got some scratches from Dave.  A few hours later he put us in and turned the others out.

Jackie came out to put us in separate stalls and gave us some grain.  While she was patting Jack she noticed blood all over Jack's bucket and discovered that he had cut his nose.  Silly boy; he put his nose somewhere where  it didn't belong again, last time burrs, this time a bloody nose.   Since she had to leave to teach Pony Club lessons (I didn't know they had clubs for ponies, I wonder if I can join)  she went in the house and told Dr Dave & Kyle that they need to come out and check on Jack.

So what happened next was pretty funny, Jack is such a drama king.  They took him down to the wash rack so they could check out his nose and clean it up.  I was brought down and put in the stall across from the wash rack so he wouldn't worry because he couldn't see me.  Anyway he was being a big baby and wouldn't stand still so they had to put him in the a stall next to me.  He really didn't want anyone to touch his sore nose and he started banging at the stall wall with a front leg.  They finally decided that it wasn't a big deal and just to leave it alone. I guess they decided that was enough excitement for the day left us alone for the rest of the day and we both took a nice long nap all by ourselves.  That was really nice since we really didn't sleep that well last night.

Jackie game out to give us dinner and clean some stalls and then she moved us both down to the big stall so the other horses could have their own stalls.  We're getting pretty good at leading down the aisle and going in the stall and waiting for the other one to come in.  The other horses came in and then we to go out for the night but we wanted to do a little visiting, so while Jackie was filling water buckets we  came back in and visited with the other horses.  They really weren't in the visiting mood since they were waiting for their dinner, so we decided to go back out.  I hope those darn dogs don't wake me up tonight.

From what I understand; until the ground isn't so slippery this is going to be our routine.  Out at night, in during the day in our own stalls with grooming and lovin' when there is time.  So it sounds like it may be a little boring for awhile, so I may wait awhile before I blog again.  But don't worry, as soon as there is something to report; I'll be sure I'll be right back here blogging.

I guess Jack wants to say a word.  Good night.

Jill  (I think I'll keep this name)

I just want to let you all know that I'm not silly, just curious and sometimes I check things out without realizing that I may get hurt.  And I'm not a baby and it wasn't funny it really does hurt.  I didn't laugh at Jill this morning when she ate her grain too fast and she had trouble swallowing and the grain started going out of her nose.  And talk about drama and bad manners; Jill bit Margee on the neck for no reason, not a good way to make friends.  Maybe she shouldn't listen to Jethro.

Sorry for being so cranky tonight; it's just my nose really hurts especially when I try to eat and you know how much I enjoy doing that.  And on top of that, when I try to visit with the other horses I'm afraid of bumping my nose and I can't smell as well.  Hope I feel better tomorrow.



  1. Thanks for telling their story!

  2. We'll keep telling it as long as people want to hear about it.