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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Vote is In ... Our Show Names Are .....

     Jackie tells me that there were a lot of really good name suggestions via this blog, COTH & e-mail and the winner's are Ohio Rocket and Collinwood Super!!!  Yes you heard that right, we get to keep our official Jockey Club names as our show names.  Many people just thought is wasn't right to change the JC names especially since Doc gave us those names and we agree!  Thank goodness that's over. Now on to the excitement of the day; Turn Out with Tintin.  Kinda of sounds like a country western song or something ...
     Since Jack suggested feed first, clean stalls second yesterday, Jackie thought she would try something that would make this situation work out a little better.  Instead of putting Jack & me in the big stall together first and then moving me to Tintin's stall after it was cleaned she decided to turn Tintin out with us, clean the stall & then bring us in and put us in separate stalls so we could get fed as soon as we came in.  Since Tintin was such a gentleman when we met the other night it sounded like a good idea...right? WRONG!!
Tintin and me having a 'meet & greet"
Checking Tintin out a little too closely I guess
     We were excited to see Tintin & carefully went up to him to check him out and at first things seemed to be going pretty well.  But then it got a little personal and Tintin got upset and turned around and chased us away.  He made some comment about not liking being ganged up on.  I haven't a clue what he was talking about and when he turned his butt at me I turned it right back at him.  Well that was all he was going to take and he headed for the turn out stall and warned us to stay away.  We're not stupid and we did as we're told. 
The stand off

     So then Jackie had a brilliant idea of putting Kat out with us so Tintin wouldn't feel like he was getting ganged up on. Brilliant right ... Epic fail!!! Tintin came flying out of the turn out stall and starting to herd Kat around so we couldn't get close to her.  Poor Kat, all she wanted to do was eat and all we wanted to do is get the heck out of this crazed lunatic's way.  He was captured and put back in the barn.  Jack was thrilled as he could finally check out Kat.  He's such a 'guy' sometimes.
     As I said before Kat was more interested in eating than meeting.  If we got too close she would walk away & we kept going around and around the round bale.  Kat finally stopped and resorted to snarly faces in between bites of hay.  Thank goodness  she didn't look scary like Tintin.  When we got too personal she would zing a back leg but no where getting close to connecting.  Finally we all settled down to eat.
The snarly face

Jack sneaks a peek around the corner

     After a little while we were brought in and fed right away and no door banging from Jack so that part of the plan worked. The other horses went out and believe it or not Tintin came back in the barn and went up to each of us and apologized for his bad behavior.  We'll see...

Ohio Rocket aka Jill

Jill about covered it all.  Tintin kind of scared me and Kat is 'really' cute.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot; I was really good picking up my feet today, maybe the back feet tomorrow.

Collinwood Super (someone said it sounded dignified!! ..... What does dignified mean?)

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