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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jack and Jill Send a "Shout Out" to Eventing Nation

Jack and I want to send a BIG "Shout Out" to Eventing Nation.  We hear that they have been linking to our blog since the very beginning.  Most of the visitors these days come to our blog via EN (don't ask me how I know that, I'm just repeating what Jackie told me) and we can't thank them enough.  And if that wasn't enough, we're going to be featured on Good News Wednesday tomorrow.  I hear a nice lady called Annie is doing that. Thanks Annie & John.

We also want to thank Nan and her new website Eventing Day.  We have been told that she has posted our blog along with the SGF Newsletter under the Organizer's Corner.  Don't ask me what that means, but I think Jackie is an Organizer of these Events that people keep talking about.   Jackie said that if you like Eventing Nation, you should also check out Eventing Day.  All this talk about Eventing is making me wish that I was a little older ;)

The big news of the day is that there is no big news to report.  Almost a boring day.  Kyle did put a bridle on me for the first time today and I very willingly let him put the bridle on, but try as I  might I couldn't spit the bit out.  Not so sure about that ...

Since things are getting a little boring around here, we'll probably limit  our updates to once a week.  Be sure to check back because things are bound to get more exciting with the farrier coming and, as we're told, more serious training soon.


Jill did forget to mention that we both had a little setback in out training today.  I momentarily was a mule again this morning and Jill a bulldozer.  With a firm reminder we both were the good horses once again complete with lots of pats. 

I hear that if my leading keeps improving, with no mule behavior, that I may be taken for a walk around the farm when the snow & ice melts. Stay tuned ... I'm sure I'll have lots to report.



  1. Looking forward to the next adventure :)

  2. Thanks for the updates! It's been wonderful to follow these two :)