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Our New Home
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Woo Hoo ... a Fun Day!

After another snow storm yesterday is was bright and sunny this morning and a great day to be outside.  Unfortunately the routine here is that we go out and 10:00pm and come in at 10:00am., but today was different.  Jackie had to leave for a meeting @ 9:30 but we weren't ready to come in so she put Pip out with us and told Kevin to bring us in at 10:00.  Lucky for us Kevin decided not to bring us in because  it was such a nice day.  He figured since Pip was already out with us what's 3 more big boys? So he turned out Jethro (the boss man), Gopher (the big boy that went after Jack when he came to my defense last time we were out together) and Tintin (the one who thought he had to keep us away from his friends).  We weren't so sure...

Jack and me guarding Kat & Margee
There was the usual sniffing and discussions so Jack & I decided we were just going to run away from all the drama.  Well everyone else thought is was a great day for a run and we ran & ran and actually had tons of fun.  Since the other horses had blankets on they got a little hot so they headed down to the water jump for a drink of water and a good roll in the snow.  We never had been down by the water jump so that was exciting.  We had seen the boys playing in the water jump before but that's when it was much warmer and no snow or ice.

After all the drinks and rolling some of the horses decided to play in the water.  It looked like a lot of fun so we thought we would give it a try.  That's me on the left just getting into the water and Jack already in in the water (he is a curious guy, he even went on top of the bank jump later).  All was going well until Jethro came towards Jack making a nasty face and Jack decided to make a break for it.  Sometimes he doesn't think before he acts... he ran right into a spot that still had some soft ice on it and he got real nervous hearing the noise and feeling the breaking ice under his feet.  I heard Jackie saying something later about how she hoped it didn't make Jack afraid of the water because event horses have to be brave about the water jumps.  Hmmm, this eventing stuff sounds interesting.

Since was 1:00 and we hadn't had breakfast yet and Jackie thought we had enough excitement for the day; we got put in our stalls for lunch and a nap.  I hear that new fence materials were delivered today and when it warms up a little they're going to replace the old stuff so everyone can go out at the same time but in separate groups.   Something about being safer and hormones?%$#?

Looking forward to warmer weather so we can be out for longer and have more fun.


As usual, Jill has covered it all.  We had a lot of fun and it was the first time that we ran fast!  I heard that Kevin told Jackie that he liked the way I galloped better than Jill.  Don't tell her.

The deal with the ice was a little scary.  I won't do that again; I learned my lesson.

Hoping for warmer weather and more fun too.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Official ...

Well it's official; winter isn't over yet!!  After a few beautiful days of warm sunny weather we got hammered with a wicked snow storm yesterday.  The boys got brought in early and they had icicles all over them.  We went out for a couple of hours and when Kyle came out to do chores we all piled back in.  The plan was to leave Jack & me out so we could share the turn out stall without worrying about getting kicked out by the mares but we decided we would rather come in.  It's been awhile since Jack and I shared a stall; we took advantage of it and did some good mutual grooming.

Luckily the snow finally stopped and it was bright and sunny this morning so we got to go out for a few hours before having to come in again so the boys could go back out.  The guy in the big yellow boots (Dave) visited with me for awhile today & Kyle must have told him about my sweet spot, because he found it right away and I REALLY enjoyed the scratching.  I think I'm beginning to like this guy with the big yellow boots ;)

Now to the real official news of the day.  Jackie received  a letter today from Harmony Hill Farm (that's where we lived before coming to SGF)  asking her to fill out the 'adoption' and transfer of ownership form.  She had to promise not to sell us at auction or slaughter.  What the heck are they talking about?#$%@?  Jackie would never do that to us!  Anyway, she also had to promise to take care of us and give us lots of treats.  Actually I made up that last part; I thought it was worth a try ;)  So ... in a couple of weeks the Jockey Club papers should arrive and we will officially be members of the Smith family!!  I wish someone would explain why some papers the from a club for jockeys is such a big deal.  Actually we already feel like we're part of the family and we don't need any papers to prove it but it does feel good to be official!

Well that's it for the now, can't wait until spring officially gets here.


I totally agree with JillThat's a first ;)


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wow, what a difference a couple of weeks can make

When we arrived at SGF two weeks ago it was cold, snowy and icy!!  The last few days have been warm and sunny and we all have spring fever!!!  For the first time we felt like we could run a buck a little.  It felt soooooo good.  Jackie felt bad about keeping us in when the weather was so nice so on Thurs afternoon, when the big boys were out back, Jackie closed the gate and turned us back out in the smaller part of the pasture with the round bale.  At first the guys didn't notice us, but we sure noticed them.  Kat & Magree could have cared less; they had the round bale to themselves.

All of a sudden the boys noticed that we were turned out again and the came over to 'check us out'.  At first they stood on top of the hill looking down on us & then they decided to have a closer look.  Now mind you we have all met before but not all of the boys at the same time.  Pip was very polite while he and Jack were visiting .  That's Jack leaning against this thing that they call a fence.  Are they kidding that's no fence!  Anyway, Jackie chased us away because she didn't want us on the fence and then she muttered something about needing a new fence that wasn't worn out and one where the electric actually works!!  I don't like the sounds of that.

Then it was my turn, but his time all the guys had to come and check me out.  OMG!! I can't believe that Jackie wants to use that picture of me!!!  It makes me look like I'm built down hill, but actually I was standing on a very steep hill! Honest I was!!  On top of that she got my bad side.  Well I don't actually have a bad side, it's just that I don't like the side that still has the pink paint on my shoulder.                                                                        
  Since it was such a nice day Jackie stayed out with us for awhile and made sure we weren't getting into any trouble.  There she goes again, worrying about us getting into trouble.  Anyway, we didn't and she finally left and we stayed out almost until dark and then came in and had dinner and went back out at 10:00pm as usual.

The next day was even more beautiful and Jackie thought we could go out in separate pastures like we did yesterday.  Well it didn't go so well.  We all got together and when Gopher started to sniff around me I squealed and kicked at him. Jack thought he had to run to my rescue and went after Gopher who promptly decided that Jack needed to be put in his place.  I don't know what he was thinking; I can take care of myself.  Anyway Kyle and Jackie stepped in and put us back in the barn & we had to spend the rest of the beautiful day in the barn and we missed all the fun. I heard that the boys had a great time running around the pasture and then finished it off playing in the water jump.  I don't know why they call it a water jump; it just looks looks like a small pond to me.

And if that wasn't bad enough, Margee has been extra grumpy lately and she's complaining that she would rather be out with the boys.  This spring fever is complicating things. 

Hopefully Kyle won't be working tomorrow and he can spend more time with me.  I need a little lovin'


It has been a really nice weather the last few days and it really felt good to stretch my legs and loosen up my back with a few good bucks.  I really enjoyed the extra time outside when the weather was so nice.  But I have to set the record straight, if Jill hadn't blasted right through that flimsy ol' fence we wouldn't have gotten into any trouble and we could have stayed out all afternoon and today too.

On the bright side I have been getting groomed regularly in the wash rack (I haven't figured out why they call it that yet) and got a really nice grooming today.  I got to meet Kat's girl Laura again today and I showed her how good I can pick up my feet. I really like her and she really seems to like Kat a lot because she spends a lot of time grooming Kat and making a fuss over her.

I'm still waiting for my walk around the farm, but I guess my leading still isn't quite good enough.  I'll have to work on that.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jack and Jill Send a "Shout Out" to Eventing Nation

Jack and I want to send a BIG "Shout Out" to Eventing Nation.  We hear that they have been linking to our blog since the very beginning.  Most of the visitors these days come to our blog via EN (don't ask me how I know that, I'm just repeating what Jackie told me) and we can't thank them enough.  And if that wasn't enough, we're going to be featured on Good News Wednesday tomorrow.  I hear a nice lady called Annie is doing that. Thanks Annie & John.

We also want to thank Nan and her new website Eventing Day.  We have been told that she has posted our blog along with the SGF Newsletter under the Organizer's Corner.  Don't ask me what that means, but I think Jackie is an Organizer of these Events that people keep talking about.   Jackie said that if you like Eventing Nation, you should also check out Eventing Day.  All this talk about Eventing is making me wish that I was a little older ;)

The big news of the day is that there is no big news to report.  Almost a boring day.  Kyle did put a bridle on me for the first time today and I very willingly let him put the bridle on, but try as I  might I couldn't spit the bit out.  Not so sure about that ...

Since things are getting a little boring around here, we'll probably limit  our updates to once a week.  Be sure to check back because things are bound to get more exciting with the farrier coming and, as we're told, more serious training soon.


Jill did forget to mention that we both had a little setback in out training today.  I momentarily was a mule again this morning and Jill a bulldozer.  With a firm reminder we both were the good horses once again complete with lots of pats. 

I hear that if my leading keeps improving, with no mule behavior, that I may be taken for a walk around the farm when the snow & ice melts. Stay tuned ... I'm sure I'll have lots to report.


Monday, February 14, 2011

What Happens in the Pasture Stays in the Pasture...So I Thought

Last night was the first night that Jack & I had company ALL night.  I heard something that they didn't want Jack and me getting too attached and that it would be best to put  Kat & Margee out with us.  Anyway there was a little commotion last night but by morning everything was good and no one needed to know about the little problem, after all, 'what happens in the pasture, stays in the pasture'.  Well if there is anything that I have learned in the last week, that isn't necessarily true especially if you leave evidence.  But last night was different...no bent & twisted gate, no ribbon fence broken, no ribbon gates open, no hoof prints or horse poops where they didn't belong so how did they know?  It seems Margee was missing some hair above her hocks & they say my DNA was on it.  What the heck???   Hey is was self defense,  Margee started it.  And what's the saying ' all's well that ends well' or something like that?

Margee is the boss and I made it clear that she doesn't have to keep reminding us of that.  I think we all understand each other now.  It was kind of nice having the extra company and Jack  particularly liked having the girls around although he still likes me best.  And Kat... well she still likes the  hay best and she was thrilled not to have the big boys hogging the round bale.

I got a really nice grooming from Kyle today and he found the SWEET SPOT, right around my belly button.  It felt sooooooo good that I wanted to scratch Kyle back in appreciation.  He didn't appreciate my enthusiastic mutual grooming (I guess I was a little rough) so I had to show other ways to show my appreciation.   Did some more of the regular leading and picking up my feet which included my back feet too.  I got a lot of good girls today and did not have to be reminded of any rules :)
Feels SO good!

I had a nice nap this afternoon and so did the other girls.  They aren't accustomed to being out at night this time of year so they were pretty tired when they came in this morning.  It was pretty funny.  I think it will be a much quieter night tonight. 


We had company last night and after Margee & Jill got got things straightened out it was actually nice having them out with us.  I still mostly hang out with Jill but having a couple of more horses around reminds me a little bit of my old home.  I wonder how my old friends are doing?

It was a good day starting with a good roll in s freshly bedded stall and ending with lots of  pats and good boys today!  I've gotten really good about putting my halter on.  I've gotten to the point where Jackie holds the halter and I stick my nose through the opening, that way I don't have to worry about hurting my nose. I walked right into the wash rack today and I even got cross tied ( that sounds worse than it really is) for my grooming.  Since Jill liked her belly button scratched so much Jackie tried scratching mine too.  It was pretty sweet but I showed more restraint than Jill did ;)

I'm looking forward to a nice sunny day tomorrow.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Snuck out After Curfew, Got Back Before Dawn, Still Got Busted

Well yesterday was such a quiet day we thought as a couple of youngsters left alone at night that we would sneak out and have a little fun.  The dogs almost gave us away, but we managed to quiet them down.  We wandered around for awhile and then decided we better go back in before we got in trouble.  We were back in the pasture innocently munching at the round bale when Jackie came to check on us.  She noticed that the fence was down but the way it was lying there it looked like someone broke in not broke out.  So since we were in and apparently fine she didn't give it much more thought until she cam back from taking Pip out for a hack ( I think that's a ride through the woods).  She came back in and told us we were busted and just to make sure we don't get out again she reinforced the ribbon gate with round pen panels and muttered something about plugging the electric in.  Not sure I like the sounds of that.  I'm still not sure how she knew were were out last nigh, something about hoof prints where they didn't belong and three separate piles of poop.

Even though we got busted we didn't get into trouble, in fact by the time she found out we had already done our grooming, picking up our feet, leading up and down the aisle and going in the wash rack for the first time.  Kyle even put a saddle on me again today.  All of this was after Jethro go put out with us and actually compared to come of the other 'meet & greets' this one went the smoothest.  I think it's because he KNOWS that he is the boss of the herd and he has already told us hat on more than one occasion in the barn.  Even when we all trotted off and & swung my butt and kicked our and accidentally connected with Jethro, he didn't get mad at me. 

We were out for a few hours quietly eating but the quiet was disturbed when Kevin and Laura came out to ride and Jethro snuck back into the barn and they put him in a stall.  Jethro started screaming for me and I must admit that I did call back to him.  Then Dave started up a tractor right near us and we got all excited and we were anxiously watching the tractor when Jackie wanted to bring us in.  It was a nice day and we were busy watching the tractor and I didn't want to come in.  I told her I didn't want to come in and when she wouldn't listen I pulled back hard enough and started running down the hill and got the lead rope away from her.  I heard he muttering some not so nice things and I decided I better go with her with no more fuss.  So I got the talk again today about breaking the rules. I was on extra good behavior the rest of the day.

Kevin and Laura got back from their ride and Laura spent a lot of time grooming Kat.  It's been a long time since they have seen each other and they both seemed to be enjoying themselves.  Then I heard her and Kyle talking about splitting up the hers because Jethro becomes too possessive of the mares.  Here I thought it was me he liked, but I guess he's that way with all the girls.  Anyway since there are 8 horses, 3 mares and 5 geldings they were talking about putting Pip with the girls because he really doesn't have any friends with the boys and that Jack would go out with the guys.  I'm not sure if I like that idea and I know Jack won't like it.  He kind of depends on me and I know he really likes Margee and Kat.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Hope we have more sunny warm days like today!


Jack, Jethro & Jill hanging out right after meeting

Jethro, Jill & Jack relaxed at the round bale

Well Jill just about covered it all except I heard what Jackie was muttering under her breath.  She called Jill a 'tank' today!  Lucky for her she does a pretty good job getting back in Jackie's good graces.

I think it's pretty 'sweet' that I will get to go out with all three of the girls without any of the guys to chase me away ;))  What did I do to get so lucky?


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Story was told on Horses in the Morning Radio Show

I guess our story has gotten the attention of the people at Horses in the Morning radio show, because they had Jackie on the show as a guest to tell everyone about our story and the other horses who found homes through the Facebook post.  If you want to hear the show you can go to http://www.horsesinthemorning.com/hitm-for-02-11-2011-by-kentucky-performance-products-facebook-rescues-ottb-retraining-sport-horses/ . We even got our picture on their website; that's cool! They had a nice guy called Steuart Pittman on the show too and he talked about retraining OTTB's.  I think that's short for Off the Track Thoroughbreds.  Anyway, check out the show, it sounds really good..

Well we finally got our wish; a fairly uneventful day.  Jackie turned Kat out with us and after saying good morning we settled in around the feeder.  Then Jackie turned out Margee and I didn't loose it and start out bouncing my butt in her face so that went better too.  Then Gopher was turned out with us for the first time and he acted like we weren't even there and we decided that wasn't a bad thing.  Things seemed to be going really well until Margee decided that it was time to make sure we minded our manners.  Since we really weren't very hungry we just left and did some trotting around.  Jackie said I was a nice mover and had good freedom in my shoulder.  What is she talking about?  I don't know but she sounded pretty happy about it.

Since it was a cold and blustery morning, we snuck into the barn when Jackie went to dump a wheel barrel.   I was ushered into Margee's stall and Jack just stood by the door so  Jackie put a halter on him and lead him down the aisle to his stall.  She walked him up and down the aisle once more and no stopping today.  I guess he isn't a mule after all.

Since Kyle was working today, Jackie decided to practice leading me up and down the aisle before moving me into a clean stall.  I was eager and ready to go and she told me what a good girl I was. But Jack was a little baby nickering to me thinking I was leaving or something.  After the leading lesson (which I really didn't need)  I got groomed and practiced picking up my feet.  I hear that Walt is coming next week to trim our feet and we need to be on our best behavior.

It was a nice day and I took a nice long nap in the afternoon.  One more horse to get turned out with, Jethro.  I'm not looking forward to it.


It was a nice day today and I was really good with my leading and picking up my feet lessons today and I didn't once have to be reminded about the rules.  I got groomed with a grooming halter on today which makes it easier to brush one of my favorite places right under my chin.  We got groomed with the rubber fingers again which I have learned is some sort of curry comb.  I don't know why it's called that, it doesn't comb at all.  Anyway, we got brushed with another brush today; a stiff brush that is called a dandy brush.  Now I agree with that name as it sure was dandy.

Jill neglected to mention that her eagerness, as she described it, to get going with her lead lesson actually wasn't appreciated and I believe I heard Jackie call her a bulldozer. You see as soon as Jackie opened the door Jill tried to come out and almost ran Jackie over.  After Jackie stopped her and put the halter on she opened the door wider and Jill tried to bulldoze her way out of the stall again.  So Jill got 'the talk' about that not being acceptable behavior and against the rules.  Jill had to wait patiently with the door open until Jackie told her it was ok to come out.  I must admit that she was really good walking up and down the aisle, but I wasn't being a baby, I was just giving her encouragement, honest I was.

I think I'm getting the hang of the rules and it's getting easier.  Actually it really is easier to do things right, I just have trouble remembering that sometimes or I don't always understand.  Thankfully Jackie takes her time to make sure I understand what's expected and things are going really well.   Besides that; I do like being told that I'm a good boy and getting rubbed on my face ;)

I had a nice nap this afternoon too.  Hope tomorrow is just as good as today, maybe even better!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Waiting for an 'Uneventful' Day

Gas Explosion about 8 miles away
OMG, last night around 10:15 PM we heard a loud rumbling sound that continued for close to an hour and the sky lit up.  We couldn't see what was happening because we were in the barn but we heard the sky was on fire.  They say it was a gas line explosion!!  Thankfully no one was hurt and by the time we went out things were pretty much back to normal.
A beautiful sunrise this morning but no where as spectacular as last night
Lucky for us the rest of the night was quiet and Jack didn't poke his nose where it didn't belong.  (you can almost see the bent up gate in the lower right hand side of the picture)  Margee was put out with us this morning and it went pretty well after a little bit of a rocky start. After a couple of hours out with Margee it was almost time to come in but then Kevin came out (we don't see him much because he's at school a lot) and decided that we needed more company.  He put Kat out with us and that was no big deal because we were out with her yesterday but then he put Pip out too.  Pip was very polite but I wasn't taking any chances and I warned him not to bother me.  But then Kevin put Tintin out.  Well he wasn't mush better than he was last time but now he had 3 horses he was trying to herd around.  Margee put him in his place and then Kevin put him back in the barn and then Jack & I got put back in for our breakfast.  Silly boy, he put us in the wrong stalls.  Anyway, there is only Jethro and Gopher to get turned out with.  I'm not so sure about Jethro because he's the boss, but I think Gopher will be OK.

Jack had to have a leading lesson today because when Jackie tried to move him back to his stall he only went so far before he planted all 4 feet like a mule.  It took many times of going up and down the aisle before he would do it without stopping.  Funny, he never stopped when coming towards me and stopped when he had to go away from me.  If I must say so myself; I was very polite when I got moved to my new stall which is now 3 stalls away from Jack.  I keep hearing them talking about not wanting us to get too attached to each other.  I wouldn't call it attached, but Jack does get worried when he can't see me.

I'm still waiting an entire day without excitement.


Checking out Margee the smart way, in front not behind. Jill is hiding behind Jack
Jack Checking out Margee & Jill playing it safe

WOW, that was some weird sound last night!!  Glad we were in our stalls and didn't see the fireball in the sky.

It was nice meeting the other horses up close and personal. What Jill called a rocky start was due to Jill going after Margee with both barrels and then was surprised when Margee gave it right back at her. Then after her big show she hid behind me until she was sure it was safe.  She didn't learn her lesson because she squealed and kick when Pip sniffed her butt.  He didn't deserve that he's a nice guy.  Lucky for her, he just walked away.

And just for your information I am not a mule.  I just didn't want to go down the aisle and be so far away from Jill; I worry about her. I didn't know what else to do and I thought Jackie would understand.  I guess she did understand but she told me I need to learn to go where I was asked and when I was asked.  She told me that it was against the rules to refuse to move and for an event horse that was a very important lesson to learn.  So many rules to learn but I'm learning, I'm learning ...  at least when I learn something or even just try a little I get a lot a pats and 'good boys'.    I'm getting it.  BTW, no big deal for Jill to go politely to her stall; it was right across the aisle!

Jackie forgot to do my feet today, I better be good tomorrow or I'll end up doing my feet as long as I ended walking up and down the aisle today ;(

Keep your fingers crossed that it goes ok with Jethro and Gopher tomorrow.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

An Exciting Morning

     Every time I think it will be just another ordinary day that doesn't need to be reported, something  happens.   All I've got to say is Dave or someone should have come to check to see if we were ok this morning when the dogs were barking because things were NOT ok.  That silly Jack and his curious streak got him in trouble again today and it could have been a disaster.  He was checking out a round pen panel that was leaning up against the barn and half buried in snow when he got his halter stuck on something.  He pulled back and yanked the panel out of the snow and dragged it about 10'.  The banging, bending and twisting metal was really scary.  Jack finally broke loose (no thanks to the breakaway strap on the halter) and thankfully he didn't get hurt.
     When Jackie looked out the window and saw the twisted and bent gate she dressed as quickly as she could to see if we were OK.  By that time we were all back to normal & we couldn't believe the fuss Jackie was making over us. I'm kind of glad that Jack's halter was half off so she knew that is was Jack and not me we that made the mess. He did seem to get extra attention, doesn't seem fair ...
     Margee was suppose to get turned out with us this morning but after all the excitement Jackie decided to put Kat out with us again and after a little sniffing noses, Kat got busy eating hay It seems she decided it was a nice sunny morning and she was going to go for a walk.  Is she nuts? It's 4 below zero and our whiskers have frost on them.  Oh no, she's heading down the hill staight towards where we went through the ribbon fence and broke it.  Hey, it was kinda of dark and it wasn't there the last two days anyone could have made the same mistake.  We were too late and we were busted.  Lucky for us, she was just happy that no one had gotten into any more trouble.  In fact she invited us to go for a walk around the pasture with her.
      Wow the pasture is a lot bigger than we thought.  We went along the edge of the woods and every once in a while we would trot ahead and then stop to have a look around.  Jack started to wander off to check something out and Jackie said: 'Jack come on now, haven't you gotten into enough trouble today'?  He quit what he was doing and caught up.  When we got to the top of the hill we saw the barn & decided to take a little canter up the hill and back to Kat and the round bale.
     The rest of the day was pretty uneventful; after we were put in our stalls for the day Kyle brought Margee back in and put her in the stall between us so we could visit before getting turned out together tomorrow.  Hope it goes well and that Jack doesn't get into any trouble.

     I have to say the incident scared the #&*(@% out of me.  But the tour of the pasture was really nice.  I hope maybe we will see a little grass soon.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Vote is In ... Our Show Names Are .....

     Jackie tells me that there were a lot of really good name suggestions via this blog, COTH & e-mail and the winner's are Ohio Rocket and Collinwood Super!!!  Yes you heard that right, we get to keep our official Jockey Club names as our show names.  Many people just thought is wasn't right to change the JC names especially since Doc gave us those names and we agree!  Thank goodness that's over. Now on to the excitement of the day; Turn Out with Tintin.  Kinda of sounds like a country western song or something ...
     Since Jack suggested feed first, clean stalls second yesterday, Jackie thought she would try something that would make this situation work out a little better.  Instead of putting Jack & me in the big stall together first and then moving me to Tintin's stall after it was cleaned she decided to turn Tintin out with us, clean the stall & then bring us in and put us in separate stalls so we could get fed as soon as we came in.  Since Tintin was such a gentleman when we met the other night it sounded like a good idea...right? WRONG!!
Tintin and me having a 'meet & greet"
Checking Tintin out a little too closely I guess
     We were excited to see Tintin & carefully went up to him to check him out and at first things seemed to be going pretty well.  But then it got a little personal and Tintin got upset and turned around and chased us away.  He made some comment about not liking being ganged up on.  I haven't a clue what he was talking about and when he turned his butt at me I turned it right back at him.  Well that was all he was going to take and he headed for the turn out stall and warned us to stay away.  We're not stupid and we did as we're told. 
The stand off

     So then Jackie had a brilliant idea of putting Kat out with us so Tintin wouldn't feel like he was getting ganged up on. Brilliant right ... Epic fail!!! Tintin came flying out of the turn out stall and starting to herd Kat around so we couldn't get close to her.  Poor Kat, all she wanted to do was eat and all we wanted to do is get the heck out of this crazed lunatic's way.  He was captured and put back in the barn.  Jack was thrilled as he could finally check out Kat.  He's such a 'guy' sometimes.
     As I said before Kat was more interested in eating than meeting.  If we got too close she would walk away & we kept going around and around the round bale.  Kat finally stopped and resorted to snarly faces in between bites of hay.  Thank goodness  she didn't look scary like Tintin.  When we got too personal she would zing a back leg but no where getting close to connecting.  Finally we all settled down to eat.
The snarly face

Jack sneaks a peek around the corner

     After a little while we were brought in and fed right away and no door banging from Jack so that part of the plan worked. The other horses went out and believe it or not Tintin came back in the barn and went up to each of us and apologized for his bad behavior.  We'll see...

Ohio Rocket aka Jill

Jill about covered it all.  Tintin kind of scared me and Kat is 'really' cute.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot; I was really good picking up my feet today, maybe the back feet tomorrow.

Collinwood Super (someone said it sounded dignified!! ..... What does dignified mean?)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jack and Jill Need Show Names

     Jill said that I could write the blog today because things were pretty quiet around here (easy for her to say, she didn't have bales of hay falling from the ceiling right next to her stall)  and she refuses to discuss the topic of another name.
     I must agree that it was a pretty quiet day, as in no dogs waking us up early in the morning.  It was nice to sleep in a little and then do a little sun bathing.  Good thing the sun was out because it was pretty cold today.  Then we came in like we usually do and both of use get put in the big stall while the others go out, wait for Jackie to clean a stall, move Jill to the clean stall and then we get our breakfast.  Well today Jackie was taking longer than usual because she was putting more bedding in the stall & I started getting impatient and tried to tell her to move it along, I'm a growing boy and I need my food.  Well that wasn't such a good idea because she got mad at me for banging at the door.  Well she still didn't get the message and I banged again and this time Jill chased me into the corner of the stall.  I sure hope Jackie is smart enough to figure out to feed first, clean stalls second.
     After breakfast and the hay bales falling from the ceiling (I guess they are stored upstairs in the hay loft and they drop them down through a hole called a trapdoor)  we got groomed and we practiced picking up our feet.  Today Kyle held me while Jackie picked up my feet and after a little fussing I held my foot up for a long time, at least 10 seconds! We need to keep practicing because it is suppose to warm up next week and Walt may be coming soon to trim our feet.
     Now on to what Jill doesn't want to talk about: another name change or something like that.  It's not really a name change; we'll still be Jack & Jill every day but when we show we need a fancier name, don't ask   me why. Sine we're going to be in the Future Event Horse class in May, we have to have our names registered with the United States Eventing Association.  Here we go with that 'eventing' again.  From what I can figure out event horses have to do dressage, cross country and show jumping.  Everyone gets excited when they talk about the cross country and it sounds like fun to me,  galloping,jumping and running through water. The show jumping sounds like it could be fun too.  They say that Jill's name Ohio Rocket would be appropriate for cross country and show jumping but you don't want to ride a rocket in dressage.  I guess it's not a good thing to take off like a rocket in dressage? *#?  My name is Collinwood Super I think they like the Collinwood part of my name but not the Super part.  I don't get it, they keep telling me that I'm super. I'm confused...
     Anyway, we're looking for some ideas for our show names.  Jill and I have the same father: Colony Key and Jill's mom's name is Ask for the Stars.  I heard someone thought Key to the Stars sounded pretty good.  My mom's name is Super Legionaire.  Anyway, send in your suggestions and I guess we'll have a vote.

Jack (glad it isn't Collin or Woody)

I finally get use to the name Jill and now they want to give me another name.  All I have to say on the topic is that I better get a vote!


Monday, February 7, 2011

Not a Boring Day at All - Lots to Report

Kyle and Jill with a saddle on for the first time
Jack checking out the saddle
I know I wasn't going to blog again unless I had something to report but ... The day started out just like it did the day before; the dogs barking early in the morning and Dave coming out to check.  I don't know what he's so worried about. Jack's little accident & my little episode of 'choking' yesterday isn't enough reason to come out and check on us @ 6:45am!!  But since we were awake and it was getting light out Jack and I decided to venture away from the barn and check things out a little.  We went down the hill and saw two really big barns but no horses.  I hear they have competitions here when the weather is nice and there are 70 horses in those barns and more who come in trailers!  Wow that's a lot of horses!  Anyway we decided to take a little trot & then a canter up the hill.  The snow wasn't quite as crunchy as it was a few days ago so we decided to do it again.  It was a lot of fun; we can't wait until the ground is good enough for some serious racing!!  I bet I'm faster than Jack!!
     Then it was time to come in for breakfast.  After Jackie got done cleaning stalls she went in Jack's stall with the rubber fingers for grooming and then sprayed some stuff in his tail to make it easier to get the burrs out.  It took so long I was hoping that she would still have time for me.  Finally it was my turn and while I was getting groomed I got good news. My mom, Ask for the Stars aka Jackie, found a new home with Kate Doty, a good friend of Lynn's.  It's been awhile since I've seen my mom but I was a little worried about her as she's getting up there in years.  Such a relief!
     Jackie (the person not the horse) had to cut my grooming short to answer the phone.  It turns out that Jack & I are kind of famous for some reason and some radio show called Horses in the Morning  wants Jackie to be a guest on the show to talk about how all of Doc's horses found homes and talk about Jack & me. Pretty cool huh?  So I'm suppose to tell everyone to log on to www.horsesinthemorning.com this Fri at 9:15
     So we thought this was enough excitement for the day but then Kyle came out and after he cleaned the turnout stall he decided that it was time to put a saddle on us.  I'm not so sure about that, there's still a lot of snow on the ground, no need to rush things I say, but  Kyle wouldn't listen.  That's a guy for you isn't it? He picked out an old but very light weight saddle with a large girth that he promised not to put on too tight.  He was very patient and let me check out everything first and it was no big deal.  The next thing I know he leaves me alone in the stall with the saddle on and comes back with Jackie and she starts taking pictures.  I think I look pretty good with a saddle on but next time I'd like a different pad, green isn't my color. Jack was next.  He was little more nervous than I was but he was pretty good too.
     If that wasn't enough, the we found out that there is going to be a competition for young horses at the farm this spring that Jack & I are going to be in it.  We don't even have to wear saddles!  It sounds really boring though, something about walking around a small triangle and then trotting around a big triangle and standing still while a judge checks us out to see if she thinks we're going to be good event  horses.  I keep hearing about this 'eventing' thing but this competition doesn't sound like it has anything to do with eventing.  Maybe they'll let me race Jack up the hill, now that sounds like a competition!


I'm feeling much better today and I'm really starting to like all the attention and the rubber fingers but I need to learn a few rules.  I guess it isn't allowable to bang at the door with my foot to get attention.  I'm told that I'll get attention but not the type I'm looking for. Not sure what Jackie means by that, but I don't think I want to find out.   So I'm sticking to the hanging my head over the door and looking cute and hope she sees me and comes over and rubs my head.  So far it seems to be working.
      It's suppose to be cold tonight, maybe the dogs won't be up so early tomorrow barking and waking us up.
Well we can hope can't we?


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Getting Into a Routine

That Dave guy is a little funny, not ha ha funny but a little odd funny.  He made some comment about us not being as hairy as he thought we should be and wondering if we would be ok out all night without a blanket on.  I don't know what he was expecting; we're horses not yaks!!  And we're horses that are accustomed to being out all the time as long as we have some place to get inside if we want to so we'll be just fine thank you very much.  The other horses were brought in around 9:00pm and we were put out.  We ate some hay for awhile and the retired to the turn out stall to get some rest.  After we were out there for awhile, it must have been after midnight, one of the dogs started barking so we went a check it out.  The next thing we knew Kyle was out there checking on us to make sure we were ok. Apparently Dave thought that we may have gotten into trouble and that's why the dog was barking so he sent Kyle out to check on us.  The rest of the night was pretty quiet until early morning the barking of ALL three dog woke us up. This time we stayed in the turnout stall and tried to get back to sleep, but n-o-o-o-o-o, Dave had to come out and check to make sure we're ok.  So as long as we were awake we went for a drink of water and got some scratches from Dave.  A few hours later he put us in and turned the others out.

Jackie came out to put us in separate stalls and gave us some grain.  While she was patting Jack she noticed blood all over Jack's bucket and discovered that he had cut his nose.  Silly boy; he put his nose somewhere where  it didn't belong again, last time burrs, this time a bloody nose.   Since she had to leave to teach Pony Club lessons (I didn't know they had clubs for ponies, I wonder if I can join)  she went in the house and told Dr Dave & Kyle that they need to come out and check on Jack.

So what happened next was pretty funny, Jack is such a drama king.  They took him down to the wash rack so they could check out his nose and clean it up.  I was brought down and put in the stall across from the wash rack so he wouldn't worry because he couldn't see me.  Anyway he was being a big baby and wouldn't stand still so they had to put him in the a stall next to me.  He really didn't want anyone to touch his sore nose and he started banging at the stall wall with a front leg.  They finally decided that it wasn't a big deal and just to leave it alone. I guess they decided that was enough excitement for the day left us alone for the rest of the day and we both took a nice long nap all by ourselves.  That was really nice since we really didn't sleep that well last night.

Jackie game out to give us dinner and clean some stalls and then she moved us both down to the big stall so the other horses could have their own stalls.  We're getting pretty good at leading down the aisle and going in the stall and waiting for the other one to come in.  The other horses came in and then we to go out for the night but we wanted to do a little visiting, so while Jackie was filling water buckets we  came back in and visited with the other horses.  They really weren't in the visiting mood since they were waiting for their dinner, so we decided to go back out.  I hope those darn dogs don't wake me up tonight.

From what I understand; until the ground isn't so slippery this is going to be our routine.  Out at night, in during the day in our own stalls with grooming and lovin' when there is time.  So it sounds like it may be a little boring for awhile, so I may wait awhile before I blog again.  But don't worry, as soon as there is something to report; I'll be sure I'll be right back here blogging.

I guess Jack wants to say a word.  Good night.

Jill  (I think I'll keep this name)

I just want to let you all know that I'm not silly, just curious and sometimes I check things out without realizing that I may get hurt.  And I'm not a baby and it wasn't funny it really does hurt.  I didn't laugh at Jill this morning when she ate her grain too fast and she had trouble swallowing and the grain started going out of her nose.  And talk about drama and bad manners; Jill bit Margee on the neck for no reason, not a good way to make friends.  Maybe she shouldn't listen to Jethro.

Sorry for being so cranky tonight; it's just my nose really hurts especially when I try to eat and you know how much I enjoy doing that.  And on top of that, when I try to visit with the other horses I'm afraid of bumping my nose and I can't smell as well.  Hope I feel better tomorrow.


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Settling In at Stone Gate Farm

Last night Kyle came out to the barn with his brother Kevin to put the other horses back in for the night and check on our hay and water.  Kevin is a tall young man and he looks like someone needs to increase his feed & get some more meat on that boys bones! But that's besides the point, what the boys did next was really fun.  They let each horse out of their stalls one at a time so they could come down and visit with Jack and me who were eagerly waiting to meet them as we both hung our heads out over the dutch door.

We had already met Jethro and Gopher because they were in the stalls next to us and I must say that Jethro was beginning to get on my nerves and I told him so in no uncertain terms to quit bugging me but he persisted. I couldn't get away from him because if I wanted to meet the others I had to stand close to his stall.  I actually had met Gopher earlier in the day (who names a horse Gopher anyway?) because he lives in the stall on the other side of ours.  He seems pretty nice and it doesn't hurt that he's tall dark and handsome but he didn't seem overly interested.  The next one to come and visit was Kevin's horse Tintin (another interesting name? ) and oh boy oh boy is he ever nice!!  He's a very classy looking horse with a kind eye and was very polite, I'm looking forward to getting to know him better.    Jackie's horse Pip (a slightly better name) came over with a very inquisitive expression on his face and he genuinely was happy to meet us although he seemed a little nervous about it.  I hear that he's a little lacking confidence dealing with the other horses and really doesn't have friends. That's too bad, maybe he and Jack can be friends.  After meeting the guys, it was time to meet the gals;  Jack was particularly interested in them.

Kyle's horse Margee (finally a more normal name) was the first mare that we met and she's really cute, chestnut with a blaze, two white stockings behind and a real spring in her step.  She's the youngest of the group and I think I may enjoy hanging out with her. Last but not least was Kat (who gives a horse a feline name anyway?)  She belongs to Kevin's friend Laura (who we haven't met yet)  she's a really cute British Sport pony (as she told us very proudly) who has the most beautiful tail I have ever seen.  Even though she 17 she seems pretty feisty and full of herself.

After meeting all the horses it was time to turn in for the night and I was finally able to get out of Jethro's reach. After the long trailer ride and exploring the pasture and meeting all the horses we were pretty whooped and both Jack and I slept well in a nice deep bed of straw.

Bright and early this morning Dave, who we found out is a vet like Doc Stearns, led us out to the pasture where we were free to eat as much hay as we wanted and to explore a little more with no one watching our every step.  Actually, after yesterday's experience we decided to play it safe and stay fairly close to the barn.  After a few hours Jackie came out to put us back in the barn so the others could go out.  It was later than they usually go out and they were a little cranky.  I hope they don't hold it against us.  We're looking forward to the day when we get to go out with the herd.  At least I have Jack to keep me company.

When we got back in the barn Jack and I were put in separate stalls so we could get grain and I wouldn't have to worry about Jack trying to snitch any of mine.  After we got done eating the beauty treatments began. Since Kyle was at work (I hear he gives riding lessons and trains horses) Jackie was the one who began to groom us with a funny looking thing with a bunch of rubber fingers on it.  It felt so good I started to groom Jackie too, but she told me it wasn't necessary.

After the grooming she started to comb my mane and said that if Jack and I were humans our manes would be long enough to give to Locks of Love.  She didn't explain; just said that it meant that we had really long manes.  I wasn't so sure about this, but when she told me that there was some pink paint in my mane I told her I was NO punker and to please get rid of it. Unfortunately she said the pink paint on my shoulder wouldn't brush off and we'll have to wait until it's warm enough to wash it off.  She trimmed up my mane and CUT of some hair right right behind my ears.  She told me not to worry that she was just trimming a bridle path.  Well I don't wear a bridle yet, but the halter felt a little more comfortable.  I was just relieved that she didn't trim my forelock; it's very full and luxurious if I must say so myself.  After all that Jackie had me pick up my front feet and I was a little nervous and tried to get my foot back on the ground as fast as I could.  Jackie quietly told me that we were going to have to practice that every day before Walt comes.  Who's Walt and what is he going to do with my feet?

It was Jack's turn next.  He seemed to like to have his mane combed more  than getting groomed with the rubber fingers. He even enjoyed it when she was trying to get the burrs out of his forelock because she kept rubbing his face and he would sniff her hair.  Don't ask me why he was doing it, but he seemed to enjoy it.  But then the burrs weren't coming out so easily and Jack started to complain. Ya know Jack, if you wouldn't have put your head where it didn't belong you wouldn't have this problem with the burrs.  Anyway, all the burrs finally got out and Jack looked really funny with his forelock all bushed out but he did say that he was more comfortable.

Jack also had to pick his feet up.  He picked them up really good but he didn't want to keep them up either.  So I guess both of us are going to have to practice every day so Walt can come out.  I think he's going to trim our feet or something like that because I heard Jacking saying something about Jack needing a trim.  I guess that wouldn't be a bad idea, with the snow our feet haven't worn down like they do in the summer.

We got to relax the rest of the day and after dinner we are going back out for the night.  I dibs the turn out stall first!!

Jill ( the name is starting to grow on me )

Well Jill pretty much told you everything there is to know.  It was a pretty nice day getting all that attention and I got to meet the cute redheads.  I want to know why it's ok for Jill to have a thing for Tintin who is 10 years older than her but she's hassling me about Margee who's only three years older me!

I hear that I might get the burrs out of my tail tomorrow.

And Jill;  have you even looked at the turn out stall?  It's bigger than the one we slept in last night.  Geesh


Friday, February 4, 2011

The "Big Day"

Well the "Big Day" has finally arrived, we're moving to our new home.  It's been a crazy week with all these people coming and looking at us, taking our friends away in all different kinds of trailers, we even took a short trailer ride to the main farm.  Now its just Jack and me and it feels kinda of strange.  They put us in stalls this morning which also felt strange since we always lived outside with a big turnout shed, but Bob said we had to be in stalls because we need to get ready to go to our new home.

It was a beautiful sunny day much like the day we met Jackie and Kyle, maybe that's a good sign for things to come.  Anyway, Jackie went into the office to talk to Bob while the guys got us ready to load on the trailer.  I was a little nervous, but the trailer looked like a big stall on wheels because it was bedded so thickly with straw and had lots of hay in it.  I bravely went right in but I had to turn around to see in Jack was coming, he was right behind me.  It made me a little more relaxed to be in there with Jack.  The guys went in the office to tell Bob & Jackie we were loaded & ready to go.  Just then Jack turned around and made some noise so they said their goodbyes and we were on our way.

The beginning of the trip went pretty slow as we went up and down hills and around tight turns.  Jack and I both put our butts up against the wall and worked hard to stay balanced.  We did really good although it was a much longer ride than I was counting on.  We finally hit a better road where there weren't so many turns or hills and Jack and I were able to relax a little.  Jack & I really weren't friends before, but spending a little more than 2 hours together in a trailer, well lets just say we got to know each other a lot better ;)

We finally got to Stone Gate Farm and there were 3 people looking in at us when the trailer door was opened.  Jackie and this tall guy with big yellow boots got in the trailer with us and put lead ropes on our halters.  I was the first one off the trailer; I took a look at the step down and very carefully stepped down.  They seemed to think that was a big deal, they were saying how brave and smart I was.  Well Jack had to be a copy cat and do the exact thing.  Then he passed me as we were led to the barn.  It was a little annoying and I kept trying to get my spot back (I guess I would have made a good race horse) up front and the guy with the big yellow boots kept telling me to take it easy and not to walk on him.  Who does he think he is anyway?  The owner of the place?  I found out he is...oops... along with his wife Jackie and his name is Dave.  I felt kind of bad but then I found out it was Dave who named me Jill!!  Suddenly I didn't feel so bad, besides that there was a lot more to think about, like going down the aisle and having every horse stick his or her nose out to check me out!!  I think I counted 6 horses.

 It seems that with the addition of Jack and me, they now have 8 horses and seven stalls!!  I think, "big deal we don't need stalls".  Well they must have heard me or something because after putting Jack and me in a stall together that was twice as big as the stall on wheels they decided to turn us out.  They showed us where the round bale was but there was so much to see and do; we weren't hungry yet.  We started to explore and when we got to the corner of a big field we decided to take a little trot.  All of a sudden we hit a big snow drift and nearly wiped out!  A little scary, so we just walked around for a while & when we trotted again it was really difficult because we had to break through a crunchy layer before getting to the snow.  Dave, Kyle & Jackie followed us out; don't ask me why but it seems Jackie was trying to take pictures.  We weren't weren't in the mood to pose for pics but she took them anyway.  They decided to put the lead ropes back on us and take us back to the round bale and by now we were ready to eat.  They hung around with us for awhile and I heard Dave saying that he thought I looked like the one with the most potential.  I guess I might consider forgiving him for naming me Jill but that doesn't mean I have to like it. 
Finally the people left us alone for a couple of hours to eat to our hearts content; I think I like it here.  A couple of hours later they brought a woman out to check us out, not sure why but it was another person to rub my face so I didn't mind.  They kept saying how quiet we were and how sociable we are.  I don't know what they were expecting,  that's just the way we are what's the big deal?

I guess the other horses wanted back out and there was concern about someone getting hurt with the slippery ground so we had to come back in while the other horses went back out.  I really wanted to go back out with them, but maybe it would be better to get to know them a little better first.  I already met Jethro (he was in the stall next to us) and he told me that he was boss and that I better listen to him if I wanted to stay out of trouble.  Then he made some comment about being cute.  I think Jack & I better stick together.

They were going to put Jack and me back out for the night, they even bedded back a big turn out stall for us, but they decided that it would be better for us to stay in for the first night.  They're going to put me back in the big stall with Jack.  At least it's a big stall and there is plenty of room for us to take a nap at the same time if we decide too.

Well it's been a long day, I'm going to sign off.  I hear they have big plans for a beauty treatment tomorrow.  I don't know what they're talking about; I'm already beautiful!  But I did hear something about dreadlocks & burrs. I would like to go on record that I do not have any burrs, now Jack, well that's an entirely different story.  Speaking of Jack, he would like to say a word.


I like it here.  I hang my head out over the dutch door and they scratch my face; I like that. They feed me a lot of hay; I like that too. They gave me a little bit of grain; I like that even better. There are two cute chestnut mares here that are shorter than me; I like that best of all (I think).

Sorry about the burrs but they have been in there for a long time.


Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jack Here

I'm older that's why.

Jackie (the person) was interested in my mom because she's by French Legionaire and he has sired some nice dressage horses and event horses.  I don't know what those are but I hear event horses have more fun!!

Jack aka Collinwood Super

More from Jill

OK, if we have to do this Jack & Jill thing, why does Jack get top billing?  Is it because he's 8 days older than me or is it just alphabetical?   Just wondering.

 I just found out why they were studying the clipboard so much and looking for the two with pink on the shoulders, it had to do with our mothers.  Apparently my mom was owned by Lynn and she told Jackie that my mom, also called Jackie BTW, that she won 12 races and had 74 starts.  She figured that my mom must have been quite the athlete, had a lot of heart and must have been pretty darn sound.  Way to go mom!  I just heard that my older brother just won a race this week.  Way to go Bro!                                                                     

Our lives will be changed forever

Let me start by saying that my name is NOT Jill and my brother (well 1/2 brother, we have the same daddy) is NOT Jack!! But I guess it's better than 'pink on left the shoulder filly' out of Ask for the Stars and 'pink on right shoulder' colt out of Super Legionaire. The other 3 year olds in my pasture got different colors painted on their shoulders and hips the other day and some of us were a  bit confused and concerned.

From what I hear, Doc (Daniel Stearns, DVM) who owns the 360 acre Harmony Hill Farm in the rolling hills of Barnesville, OH that we call home passed away last week and we all need to find a home FAST.  We heard talk about sending us to Sugar Creek by the end of the week if we didn't find new homes.  I don't know what Sugar Creek is, but from the distress in the people's voices as they sprayed paint on our body parts  (I learned that it was for identification purposes) it doesn't sound like a nice place.  We were really lucky that Lynn made a post on the internet (whatever that is) telling people that 52 horses need new homes ASAP.  Fifty two, I had no idea there were so many of us; there are only 7 in my pasture.

Anyway Bob and Lynn's phones have been ringing for days!! So many concerned people! One of the first callers came to see us on Mon. I heard her talking about how Doc use to be her vet a LONG time ago and that she had bought a couple of horses from him and even bred one of her mares to one of his stallions.  She said that she knew Doc bred quality horses and that one of them even did Rolex.  I don't know what that is, but it sounded like a big deal.  Well if I must say so myself, I agree!  We're pretty darn nice horses and lucky ones too; we never got sent to the track and for horses who were bred to be race horses it's unheard of to have TB's (that's short for Thoroughbreds) hanging out in the pasture for nearly 3 years!! 

Jackie and Kyle (those are the two people who came to look at us on Mon) were walking around with a clipboard and looking for paint on shoulders and hips and asking a lot of questions.  We were happy to see them and showed them how friendly we all are.  I guess all that nibbling and pestering made it difficult for them to figure out who was who.  After awhile Kyle brought his mom over to look me and said I like this one:  she has nice conformation and good balanced feet evenly worn with good heel.  The feet seemed to be a big deal to them and I hadn't even had a pedicure in awhile.  But then he said that he had been watching me and he liked my 'attitude'.  I think I like that boy.  So they talked and looked some more and told Bob that only had one open stall but that they really thought it would be a good idea to take two horses so the transition would be easier.  Not sure what than means either, but it sounded good to me. After looking around a bit more they decided on 'pink on right shoulder' colt out of Super Legionaire or Jack as they later decided to call him.  They said something about a whorl right between the eyes is a 'good thing'!  I don't know about these people concerning themselves with feet and hair?

As they took one final look at the groups of us saying they wished they could take us all I must say I felt rather proud that I was the one they picked!!  They said something about not being able to pick us up until later in the week because a bad storm was coming. 

Over the next couple of days more people came looking and Jack ( I can call him that, but don't call me Jill) and I were happy to hear Bob tell them that we were already spoken for.  But it was sorta sad to see our friends leave in the different trailers that came. Don't tell Jack, but I'm glad we're going together.  Bob loaded the few of us who hadn't gotten picked up yet and moved us down to the main barn to wait for Jackie and Kyle to come pick us up.  It was kind of scary but Bob reported that it went well.

So tomorrow is the big day.  I'm a little nervous and like most guys, Jack isn't saying much.  I'll make another post once we get settled in at Stone Gate Farm.

Ohio Rocket - my official name!!