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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our Story was told on Horses in the Morning Radio Show

I guess our story has gotten the attention of the people at Horses in the Morning radio show, because they had Jackie on the show as a guest to tell everyone about our story and the other horses who found homes through the Facebook post.  If you want to hear the show you can go to http://www.horsesinthemorning.com/hitm-for-02-11-2011-by-kentucky-performance-products-facebook-rescues-ottb-retraining-sport-horses/ . We even got our picture on their website; that's cool! They had a nice guy called Steuart Pittman on the show too and he talked about retraining OTTB's.  I think that's short for Off the Track Thoroughbreds.  Anyway, check out the show, it sounds really good..

Well we finally got our wish; a fairly uneventful day.  Jackie turned Kat out with us and after saying good morning we settled in around the feeder.  Then Jackie turned out Margee and I didn't loose it and start out bouncing my butt in her face so that went better too.  Then Gopher was turned out with us for the first time and he acted like we weren't even there and we decided that wasn't a bad thing.  Things seemed to be going really well until Margee decided that it was time to make sure we minded our manners.  Since we really weren't very hungry we just left and did some trotting around.  Jackie said I was a nice mover and had good freedom in my shoulder.  What is she talking about?  I don't know but she sounded pretty happy about it.

Since it was a cold and blustery morning, we snuck into the barn when Jackie went to dump a wheel barrel.   I was ushered into Margee's stall and Jack just stood by the door so  Jackie put a halter on him and lead him down the aisle to his stall.  She walked him up and down the aisle once more and no stopping today.  I guess he isn't a mule after all.

Since Kyle was working today, Jackie decided to practice leading me up and down the aisle before moving me into a clean stall.  I was eager and ready to go and she told me what a good girl I was. But Jack was a little baby nickering to me thinking I was leaving or something.  After the leading lesson (which I really didn't need)  I got groomed and practiced picking up my feet.  I hear that Walt is coming next week to trim our feet and we need to be on our best behavior.

It was a nice day and I took a nice long nap in the afternoon.  One more horse to get turned out with, Jethro.  I'm not looking forward to it.


It was a nice day today and I was really good with my leading and picking up my feet lessons today and I didn't once have to be reminded about the rules.  I got groomed with a grooming halter on today which makes it easier to brush one of my favorite places right under my chin.  We got groomed with the rubber fingers again which I have learned is some sort of curry comb.  I don't know why it's called that, it doesn't comb at all.  Anyway, we got brushed with another brush today; a stiff brush that is called a dandy brush.  Now I agree with that name as it sure was dandy.

Jill neglected to mention that her eagerness, as she described it, to get going with her lead lesson actually wasn't appreciated and I believe I heard Jackie call her a bulldozer. You see as soon as Jackie opened the door Jill tried to come out and almost ran Jackie over.  After Jackie stopped her and put the halter on she opened the door wider and Jill tried to bulldoze her way out of the stall again.  So Jill got 'the talk' about that not being acceptable behavior and against the rules.  Jill had to wait patiently with the door open until Jackie told her it was ok to come out.  I must admit that she was really good walking up and down the aisle, but I wasn't being a baby, I was just giving her encouragement, honest I was.

I think I'm getting the hang of the rules and it's getting easier.  Actually it really is easier to do things right, I just have trouble remembering that sometimes or I don't always understand.  Thankfully Jackie takes her time to make sure I understand what's expected and things are going really well.   Besides that; I do like being told that I'm a good boy and getting rubbed on my face ;)

I had a nice nap this afternoon too.  Hope tomorrow is just as good as today, maybe even better!


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