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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let the Cross Country Training Begin - So to Speak

Although Jack and I have not been going out together anymore we have been going out for long walks around the farm going through the woods, up and down hills and across a stream.  It has been really fun and I got to say, this is one pretty farm!  Check out the video of me  following Kyle down the bank back by the big pond that had a bunch of ducks on it!  I don't know what Jackie is laughing at I think I stepped down it with more style than Kyle did.
I hear we're going to have a new red headed girl coming next week so we'll be back up to 4 horses in our group again.  It will be kind of nice not being the new one for a change. I don't think she is going to be staying long, something about Kyle training her some. So far I think he's a pretty good trainer.                         

We got another vaccination with some plastic thing stuck up our nose and one more shot.  I think we are done with that for awhile. I'm happy to report that Jack learned his lesson from the last time and he was much better behaved.  If he would just learn that it is easier to do it right the first time he would be a lot better off. 
That's it for now.


Sun was a great day! I got to spend some time with two of my favorite girls.  First I got to go for a walk with Jill.  Since she hadn't been out for a walk before I led the whole way except when we got to the stream. Kyle wanted to see how she would do by herself.  I got to say I was impressed, she walked right through the stream. So I guess you're not suppose to jump the whole thing!  So I walked through the stream too and it was much easier that way.  We spent some time playing in the creek and munching some grass before heading back to the barn.

When we got back to the barn Jill went in and I got turned out.  I noticed that Laura was riding Kat in the dressage ring.  I let out a whinny and ran down to join her but decided against it since I would have to pass near the big boys. I ran down several times and at the last minute ran away.  Finally I got brave enough and went down and the big boys didn't bother me at all; they were too busy trying to find grass to munch on. Anyway when I got down there I just followed and followed Kat as she was being ridden.  After all that running around I got a little warm so I had a great roll in the sand and another roll and another roll.  Finally I decided that I would just eat grass instead of following Kat all of the time.  When she was done I followed her over to the bank jump & I followed her up and down like I did with Jackie the other day.  Kat & Laura tried to get me to go down the bank into the water but I wasn't too sure about that but I did follow them into the other water jump.  Then they tried to get me to follow them down the bank into the water jump again and this time I did it.  That was fun!!  The rest of the day I was out with the big boys and I'm beginning to get use to it, but I still spend a lot of time hanging up around the barn by myself but closer to the girls.

Yesterday was another good day as I got to go for a walk with Jill again.  But before we got to go for a walk I had to learn another rule. Apparently it is not acceptable to get all excited when Jill leaves the barn before I do.  Sorry, I just couldn't help myself !  Anyway we had a nice walk and did a different bank jump.  It was a little bigger than the one I had done before and I figured out that it was easier to jump up with my hind end rather than try to walk up one foot at a time.

When we got back Jill went in the barn and I stayed out with the guys. I actually was looking for them in the pasture and when I located them I took a canter down to be with them.  I guess they're not so bad.  At least out in the pasture when the make a face at me I have a lot more room to get out of their way.

We were way out in the back of the pasture when I noticed Jackie & Kyle coming down the hill with Pip (my new friend) and Margee.  I could believe my good luck, I hadn't seen Margee in quite awhile.  So I started following her around like I did with Kat the other day, but when I got too close I was chased away by either Kyle or Jethro.  That didn't deter me, but I was a little more careful not to get too close.  Then when Kyle rode Jethro I followed him around too.  I'm not sure why but I did.

That's me in the middle
I spent more time hanging out in the pasture with the guys than I did hanging up around the barn to be nearer to the girls.



  1. Love the video of Jill. Who is that cute dun?

  2. That's a pony that we looked at for a client. I hope we can negotiate a price so they can afford her.