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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Training is Going Well

Jill Waking up from a  a Great Nap
Since Kyle is visiting a friend today Jackie decided to work with me to see if she could get me to 'join up' better.  We worked in the round pen for awhile and I guess I kind of did 'it' but she made some comment about Jack being better at 'it' than I am.  Doesn't she know that I'm a strong independent young woman and Jack is,  how should I say this ...a little needy?  I mean come on, while I was working in the round pen I could hear him calling for me.  If that isn't needy I don't know what is.

Laura came down to ride Jethro as I was finishing up in the round pen so I got to hang out and watch him go.  It was the first time that Laura every rode him and they looked pretty good to me, but what do I know?  Then we went back to the barn together, kind of, Jackie kept stopping me and telling me to quit stepping on the back of her boots.  Picky, picky picky ;)

It was a nice warm day and I took a nice long nap in the afternoon.


I enjoyed my day off but to make sure I got my grooming I rolled in the mud on both sides!   It worked, I got an extra long grooming yesterday.  Jackie was right the day off to think about all that has been going on with my training lately and I think I'm getting it where this training is concerned.  I think I had my best day yet!  We always do something a little different along with a review of what we have already done.  Today I got the saddle put on me before I was worked in the round pen.  I walked all the way down the hill with the saddle on like a prefect gentleman; no refusing to move, no trying to get ride of the saddle, and no calling. 

We only had to practice a little voice commands before I joined up.  Jill has this all wrong, it's part of being willing partners, it has nothing to do with being needy!  I was simply calling words of encouragement while she was working. Anyway after our short and sweet work in the round pen we went for a walk along the same route we did the other day but I was much more relaxed and really enjoyed myself.  In fact I even got to stop at the water trough by the stabling barn and got a good long drink of water. All was going well until we took a left and headed up into the woods instead of taking a right and going back to the barn.  The woods wasn't so bad, it was the steep short hill through some really deep mud and over the stream that I could have done without.  When we got there Jackie told me to wait until she got to the other side, something about not wanting me to jump on her and knocking her into the mud or the creek.  I don't know what she was worried about; I had no intention of following her.  Well Jackie was on one side of the creek and I was on the other, what was I to do?  I wanted to be with her and wanted to trust her, but I just wasn't sure.  I backed up and took out the slack of the lunge line and Jackie joked that she really didn't want to cross the creek and the mud again.  She told me to just come over it was no big deal.  Since I didn't plant all 4 and refuse to go like I have done recently she just patiently waited for me to figure it out on my own.  I was a little nervous sliding down the hill in the mud and when I got to the creek I took a gigantic leap and didn't touch a thing!  Jackie praised me and made a big fuss and said that was good enough for today. 

The rest of the walk home was pretty uneventful but Jackie kept complaining that I was walking on the back of her boots.  I don't know, it seems to me that if she has the same problem with both Jill and me; maybe she's the one with the problem and she's walking in front of our feet.  Just saying ...

When we were almost back to the barn I looked down the hill and saw Kat being ridden in the dressage ring and  I couldn't help myself, I had to give her a shout out.  But that was the only time I opened my mouth the whole day; much improved over the last time.

One other thing I learned today; I'm suppose to keep walking while I'm pooping.  You've got to be kidding,  I'd like to see her do that!  So rather than walk and poop; I waited until she stopped for a break & then I took care of business.  I did that twice.  Pretty smart huh?

It was not only a beautiful sunny and warm day; it was a good day of training and enjoying life ;) I wonder what she has in store for me tomorrow?


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