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Friday, March 4, 2011

Does the Tooth Fairy Come for Horses? And Jack Gets Introduced to the Noisy Sucking Machine

It seems when Jackie is away and the sun is shinning either Kyle or Kevin let us all out together.  We were busy watching Mr. yellow boots building a fire to clean up some limbs from a tree that had been cut down.  It was kind of scary but very interesting too.  Dave had driven down through in a small green vehicle called a Gator (don't ask me why it's called that) and the dogs seem to love riding in it.  When it was sitting there unattended we cautiously crept up to it to check it out.  The dog they call Greta never got out of it so we checked her out too.  We didn't stay out with the big boys too long because Jethro started behaving badly around Margee and that seems to irritate Kyle.  It didn't matter I wanted my breakfast anyway.

My Tooth

I usually really enjoy eating my breakfast but for some reason I was having trouble eating my grain today when all of a sudden one of my back teeth come out. I was really worried at first but then I realized that it was much easier to eat after it fell out and there was another tooth to take it's place. I was told to get use to because I was going to be shedding more molars. What are they talking about, I'm shedding hair maybe, but I'm loosing teeth.  They made a joke about the tooth fairy.  I hope the tooth fairy comes for horses; I don't need any money but a treat would be nice.

It's starting to rain so it won't be quite so nice turned out but with rain comes mud and I love to roll in the mud; it feels soooo good!  Then when it dries I get an extra long grooming.  I just hope Kyle doen't try to suck the mud off with the noisy machine that Jackie used on Jack.  He didn't seem very happy about it.

That's it for now.


I like to roll in the mud but I do not like that noisy machine that looks like a giant snake and feels like it's trying to suck my skin off.   They call it a vacuum  cleaner; I call it scary.  Jackie rubbed me with the vacuum and I wasn't sure about it and then she turned it on and I really wasn't so sure about it, then she started to use it on my body & all I wanted to do is leave, but I couldn't because I was in those darn cross ties.  Jackie came up to my head and tried to calm me down but she was still holding the end of that scary machine & I tried to tell her I just wanted out of there!!  I guess reaching out with my front leg wasn't the best way to try to communicate.  Jackie yelled at me and called me a bad boy and told me that striking was NOT allowable behavior. She hasn't talked to me like that in a long time when I was first learning the rules.   She could tell I didn't mean it and put the machine down but she didn't turn it off.  She said something about me having to get use to it and started to groom me the normal way, but I just couldn't relax and enjoy it like I usually do so Jackie put me back in my stall.

I thought whew, thank goodness that was over, or so I thought.  Jackie brought the vacuum down by my stall and hung the long blue snake part over the top of the stall.  Of course I'm curious and had to check it out.  In fact I even tried to put it in my mouth but then it started making that awful noise and it startled me.  Well Jackie just let that thing run and make all sorts of noise for awhile and then she turned it off and back on and back off. That seemed to go on forever but I was very brave and never ran away from it. All the time she was talking to me telling me that I had to learn to trust her and that she would never do anything to trick or hurt me and she then told me I was a good boy and rubbed my head and all was good.  That is until she came in my stall and put a halter on me and started to vacuum me.  I still didn't like it very much but I tried really hard to trust Jackie and she didn't vacuum me too long and we finished with more good boys and rubs on the forehead.  This trust thing is a little hard when I'm scared but I'm working on it.


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  1. Ah that Jackie! What will she think of next? (off to try to vacuum my shedding golden retriever...)