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Friday, April 1, 2011

A Shout out to EN & Jack Has a Video Posted

I hear that  Eventing Nation ran a nice story about us and that's no April Fool's joke (unlike that nasty white stuff this morning). Jackie says that whenever EN posts a link to our blog we get a lot more visitors. Maybe you should become regular followers so you won't miss any of our posts.

Thank you Annie and EN. Go Eventing! I hear John ends a lot of his posts that way so I thought I would too ;)


Look at me; I'm almost all grown up.  Check out the video of  be being lunged with a bit for the first time.  Actually it's not the best example of my work because I was too busy trying to spit out the bit.  I'm usually much more forward than this. Hopefully Jackie will get a better one soon.

After the video was taken I worked with the long reins again.  I'm getting this turning stuff pretty good.  Then Jackie stopped me by the mounting block . Mounting what I ask?  Anyway she was way up high and leaned on the saddle.  I'm not sure why she did that but she said the it was to help me with the next step of my training. I'm not quite sure what she was talking about but it wasn't too bad.  The best part is that I got my favorite: rubs on my forehead and a lot of good boys.


PS - I just found out what the next step of training is... I gave Kyle a couple of short rides today in the round pen.  No big deal, a lot of rubs & good boys!!  


  1. Hi Jack and Jill, I hope your training is still going well.

  2. Looking forward to more updates from you guys!!