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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Let the Riding Begin & Two New Horses Come to Stone Gate Farm

Sleeping through my first ride
Wow, I can't believe that it's been almost 2 weeks since we posted last.  Things have been pretty busy around here and then a lull in the action while Jackie was out of town.  But the new little redhead showed up and stirred things up a little. Then a small dark 3 year old gelding arrived the other day.  Since the mares and geldings go out separately I haven't had much experience with him other than him blasting into the wash rack where I was cross tied waiting to go out while the geldings came in.  That guy has to learn some manners!!

The first night Diamond (that's the redheads name, guess what marking she has on her head...original huh) was here she just got all of us running and running in big circles.  By the next morning I was whooped and that's when they decided to have Kyle get on me for the first time.  They didn't even wait for us to come in for breakfast and take a nap.  They said something about having to get going before it rained.  I don't care if it is going to rain; a girl needs her breakfast and rest but my vote didn't count.  Anyway it was no big deal, I almost fell asleep while Kyle was sitting on me.

After the short ride we came in for breakfast and I finally got to take my nap.  I don't know how long I was sleeping for when Kyle came in to visit.  He was scratching all my favorite spots when he got on me for the second ride of the day.  I didn't mind at all. Kyle says I'm kind of an easy going kind of  gal.  I like the sounds of that.

The weather was really nice over the weekend and we got to hang out and relax all weekend because Jackie was out of town and Kyle was busy with work and helping around the farm.  Too bad that nice weather didn't last.  Boy did it ever rain, that meant another couple of days off.  Finally today the weather got nice again and it was time for another ride.  This time the boys were out in the pasture and Jack came over close to watch.  I showed him how to trot around and around the round pen on the lunge line.  Kyle really seemed to be happy with me and again said how easy going I am.  I guess that's a good thing.

I hope I can get out of the round pen soon; it's getting pretty boring. At least it's back to boring in the pasture again as Diamond is settling inIt's kind of nice not being the new one anymoreAnd it's really kind of cool that I'm the biggest of the four mares and the only non chestnut!

I'm looking forward to another nice day tomorrow.


Things have been a little crazy around here with two new horses coming for training .  The new little redhead Diamond goes out with the girls so I have only had brief meetings with her but a new guy named Blaze (guess what marking he has on his head) has been added to the guy group.  He's kind of a cute little guy and I was hoping for a new friend but that's going to take a little time. He is a bit nervous being out with all the big boys.  I definitely can relate and I tried to give him some advice but he wouldn't let me get close enough so he could hear.  So when he was rolling I thought it was the perfect time to get closer but that little bugger got up from rolling and kicked me square in the chest.  Well that did it, I wasn't going to try anymore!  All I've got to say is that he's lucky that Jethro isn't here anymore, although Gopher did a pretty good job of taking Jethro's place if you know what I mean.  It's nice not being the new one anymore and finally I'm not the smallest in the group!  

I was ridden by Kyle again on Mon and I had to walk right past all the girls on my way to the round pen.  I wanted to visit but I had work to do.  I did a little trotting for the first time with Kyle and it felt kind of strange so I trotted a little slower than usual.  I was told I was a good boy and got lots of pats; I like that.  I got to watch Jill work today and she looked pretty good. She did a fair amount of trotting on the lunge line with Kyle.  It seems he likes Jill better than me, but I'm ok with that me because Jackie is my human and Kyle is Jill's. Anyway I did get to do a lot of trotting today and I even got taken off the lunge line and Kyle rode me around the round pen.  It actually was easier turning with Kyle than it was with the long lines.

I'm with Jill, the round pen is getting a little boring but it did have a nice big puddle in it today so that was fun.
I think they have big plans for us tomorrow as it is suppose to be a nice day again.

Blaze also got to work in the round pen today and he seemed pretty good although he has to work on that joining up stuff.  He's starting to relax a little and we're beginning to hang out together ;)



  1. I'm amazed how I feel like these horses are actually communicating with us! There is so much emotion in "their" words, I find myself laughing out loud at times. What a delight this blog is!!

  2. Well Cathy it really is "their" words for the most part. Well maybe not the part about the original names ;)

  3. ahh, great post! not happy with that kick though...meanie ponie! stop by farm tails and see if you can solve the mystery!