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Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding and Rolex to Celebrate Jill's Birthday

Well I'm told that today is my birthday.  I'm also told that there was some Royal Wedding today and some big event in KY called Rolex!!  They both sound pretty important to me and I think it's only fitting that they both are happening on my birthday.  I spent a quiet pleasant  albeit a chilly day hanging out with my friends. I don't remember it being this chilly the day I was born.  Thank goodness it is suppose to be sunny and warmer tomorrow.

The big news, besides cantering with Kyle earlier in the week, is that they opened up another pasture with plenty of lush grass.  And because there was so much grass they decided to turn us all out together; all nine us!  I heard something about us eating enough of it so they don't have to mow it before the horse trials. Hey, we may like to eat, but we are not lawn mowers. I keep hearing things about this horse trials; I guess it's another one of those things that I will find out about in due time but there seems to be a lot of stuff going on around here trying to get the farm ready for it when the weather cooperates.

It was kind of interesting with all of us turned out together.  Kyle and Jackie seemed pretty happy that there was no drama.  Actually, with the exception of Diamond & Blaze, we all knew each other and if Diamond or Blaze got the wrong idea there were plenty of horses to put them in their place;)  I kept wandering off by myself to check out the new pasture with three little ponds in it.  Kyle calls me bold and independent; I say that's just me. To begin with we stayed in our own groups but after a day; we were all hanging out together. 

Jack and I are getting our feet trimmed again tomorrow so they look good for the Future Event Horse class coming up.  Kyle has been spending a lot of time grooming me and Jackie started to trim up my mane.   They're getting me all primped up for the big day.

That's it for now.


Happy Birthday little sis!  You may be bigger than me right now, but I'm still older. ;)

Jill pretty much summed it all up. Being out with the whole herd is nice and for the most part everyone is getting along. Blaze and I are becoming pretty good buds but I don't cling to him like I use to do with Jill.  I guess I'm growing up a little.  But this riding thing is a little confusing.  I was ridden with a bit in my mouth in a bigger area with this little white fence around it called a dressage ring.  Too many different things for me to deal with at one time.  I almost reverted to donkey mode.  On the bright side, I practiced jogging next to Jackie for the upcoming show and I did pretty good.  I hear there are seven horses in my class, the most for the FEH classes.  Jackie tells me she doesn't care how I place as long as I do my best.  I think I can do that. 

Things are getting pretty busy around her, it may be awhile before you hear from us again.


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